Jennifer Hinrichsen: There’s No Place Like Home [Interview]

jennifer hinrichsen
Jennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer Hinrichsen

Jennifer Hinrichsen is an up-and-coming tattoo model. Originally from Sioux City, Iowa, she currently resides in Wichita, Kansas. Can’t tell you why she relocated, but her accidental alternative/tattoo modeling career seems to have benefited from it. She’s worked with industry photography Keith Selle, and will be appearing in his new coffee table book, Nude Ink.

Jennifer is heavily involved in her community, supporting local shows, being a part of the local radio station, and even a member of a local women’s group called The Dub City Kitties. The Kitties are there to help promote charity events, business promotions, art and music productions, and more!

Our Hell’s Temple had the opportunity to interview this lovely lady and we hope you enjoy it.

When you were growing up, did you ever aspire to be a top alternative model?
Never! Modelling never even crossed my mind until about three years ago when I did my first shoot for a project for a local photographer.

What led to your first photo shoot?
The photographer, Jim Monahan, was looking for tattooed girls for a coffee table book, a mutual friend hooked us up, it all started from there. We continued and still continue to do projects together, eventually I started building my portfolio working with other photographers.

Did you have any style of shoots? Or was it mainly decided by Jim? What was your “crossing line”?
No particular style, just your basic lingerie type stuff, then… my crossing line was no nudes! (laughs)

When did you get your first tattoo?
When I was 18. My mom, who has tattoos herself, took me to get my first tattoo. It was a flash piece, a blue bear on my back shoulder that has since been covered up.

Do you have an idea of how many tattoos you’ve had since then?
I have completely lost track, they all pretty much have led into sleeves, so they all blend together.

Do you have a theme with your sleeves?
My left sleeve is traditional work, my right sleeve is the black and gray, creepy, Halloween, with love tied in it, and my right leg sleeve is kinda Japanese style, well, it’s supposed to be anyways! (laughs)

I can dig that. Halloween style is very much appreciated at Yell! Magazine. Out of all your pieces, which would you say is your favorite?
My favortie is my right half sleeve so far… it represents true love never dies.

I noticed that you have a couple of dermal piercings in your cleavage…. did those hurt? And why there?
Yes, they hurt! I get that question at least once a week from people. Even today at the store, some country boy saw them and asked if they hurt (laughs). I’m not big on chest plates so I figured I would pierce my chest instead.

Your modeling career is really taking off, can you tell me a little about your modeling?
Things have really taken off for me this year with two major store publications out this year, and several online magazines, shooting with Ernie with Inked Photography and getting to work with my idol Brix Nobody was awesome. I flew out to Vegas in March to shoot with the man, Keith Selle, and landed a spot in his Nude Ink Book with some of the big names in the tattoo modeling industry has been a big highlight. I’m grateful for every opportunity I have had.

Learn more about Jennifer Hinrichsen’s modeling career and her rock ‘n’ roll dating life after the jump…

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