Frequently Asked Questions

We dig deep into the culture and entertainment we like.

We break our bones to bring you the latest and best.

Below are common questions about Yell! Magazine:

1. When was Yell! founded?

Yell! was conceived in the summer of 2010, but the true date of our birth was September 15, 2010, which is when we purchased the URL. We’ll update this once we are baptized as a live site.

2. I’m a perfect fit. How do I become a team member of Yell!? How can I contribute?

If you’re an expert, or even passionate about any of the subjects we cover, feel free to let us know via the contact form. We’d love to have you onboard as a contributor or in any other capacity you think you could be of value. Yell! is a project of the combined passions of its founders and our knuckles are pretty bloody, so keep in mind that compensation will be minimal if at all.

3. What type of content do we cover?

The music scenes that we cover range from heavy metal to rap, with the occasional branching out to hardcore, classic rock/metal, and anything with a pulse.

The movie genres we cover include: horror, sci-fi, horror/sci-fi, suspense, thriller, slashers, thrashers, and gorno.

Our video game interests are pretty broad but, keeping with the focus of, we’ll focus primarily on games with a mature rating (that means course language and blood) and games in which music is the focus (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc.).

Our mixed martial arts (MMA) coverage focuses on the fighters, matches, and octagon girls. And, last but not least, our Life & Style channel is focused on body mods (tattoos and piercings), fashion, art, and fitness (as it relates to any of our channels).

4. Does Yell! do media coverage?

Of course we do. If you have something you’d like us to cover, give us a nosebleed via the contact form. Don’t worry, we hit back.

5. Who is our target audience?

Fans. If you’re crazier-than-a-pig-in-shit about the content we cover, this is your home. If what we say pisses you off or makes you think, “Finally, someone got it right,” then we should be bookmarked on your browser. If you’re waiting in line for tickets or for the store to open so you can grab the latest release of whatever it is you’d fight tooth and nail for, we’ll see you there. Whether you’re a stubborn-as-hell fan or of casual interest, you can be sure that we’re going to give you the best, most timely coverage we can.

6. Where is our head office?

Our head office is in Montreal, Quebec. Yes, that’s in Canada, but it’s a great location for our interests. Georges St-Pierre? Yeah, he’s from here. Is there a metal scene? Umm, Heavy MTL anyone. Yeah, and Ubisoft is basically up the street. Don’t forget that we’re not far from NYC or even Toronto. Montreal is also home to one of he most respected film festivals, the Montreal World Film Festival.


Looking for more?

Would you like to receive more information about Yell! Magazine? Please use our contact form. We will make an extreme effort to get back to you within a few business days. If you need immediate assistance please include the word “ATTENTION” in the subject line. We would like to thank you in advance for any interest in Yell!.