Jennifer Hinrichsen: There’s No Place Like Home [Interview]

jennifer hinrichsen
Jennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer HinrichsenJennifer Hinrichsen

Tell me a little about Keith Selle. You’re one of a few that are in this iconic book.
Keith is an awesome guy! He drove me around so I didn’t have to grab a cab, did some shoots at his house, then out to the desert. Bought lunch before he took me to the airport to fly back home. He makes you feel comfortable [and he’s] funny as hell, cracking jokes. I was very honored to shoot with him. When he told me after we shot in the desert that he decided he was putting me in his book I was on cloud nine.

Nude Ink is due out some time this century, how do you feel about being topless for everyone to see? Earlier you had stated you would do anything but nudity.
It’s supposed to be released real soon. I had done so many implied nudes and was getting more comfortable being nude [that when] Keith posted he was looking for models for his nude book, I figured what the hell, why not go for it. Working with him could jump start my career and it would just be awesome to finally work with him. I talked to David about it; he supported me so I sent some pics to Keith, who said, “when can you come to Vegas?”

You’re a spokesmodel for T95 and you have quite the following from what i understand, you have just over 7,000 fans.
Yes, I’m a promo girl for our local rock radio station T95; been doing it for about three years now. I love every minute of it, going to concerts, getting to meet all the bands, and meeting really cool fans that support us. My fan base has grown, and I’m thankful for all of them. I’m a part of a lot of things, and I promote myself like crazy and my fans do a great job helping me out.

So, since you’re a big fan of rock, heavy metal, Southern rock, etc., what would you say is your favorite band?
Besides KingShifter? (laughs) Too many favorites, but to name a few there’s SOiL, Sevendust, Motley Crue…

How long have you been dating David, the drummer of KingShifter?
We just celebrated our two-year anniversary [dating] on the ninth [September].

How would you describe KingShifter?
Well, if you are a fan of Black Label Society, Sevendust, Crowbar, etc., you will like KingShifter. They have been labeled hard rock, stoner rock, Southern rock. Great group of guys, all a big family. They recently signed with Pavement Entertainment and released their full-length album 26 Tons through Sony Red on the third of September. So go out and buy it!

What concerts really established an unforgettable memory?
Way too many to name. Been to a lot of great concerts, met a lot of great bands. I would have to say KISS, years ago, but I wasn’t with T95 at the time… they always put on a good show.

Well, Jennifer, I would like to thank you on behalf of Yell! Magazine for taking the time out of your evening to do this interview.
You are most welcome and thank you for the opportunity!

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