Vanessa Michelle – She Will Slay Your Heart [Interview]

Vanessa Michelle
Vanessa MichelleVanessa MichelleVanessa MichelleVanessa MichelleVanessa MichelleVanessa MichelleVanessa Michelle

Vanessa Michelle is a total bombshell! That, ladies and gentlemen, is a total no-brainer! Tattooed and alternative, she’s got a fuck-you attitude, killer looks, and a passion for modeling that has landed her in many fabulous publications such as Urban Ink Magazine, Aspira Magazine, Tattoo’d Lifestyle, and Rabid Magazine. She has represented brands such as Black Veins Clothing, Akumu Ink, and Rogue American Apparel. This model from East Tennessee is currently available and shooting in Nashville. She enjoys shooting alternative, tattoo, gore, glamour, fashion, beauty, and pinup. Not only is this beauty talented but she’s also extremely laid back and a total sweetheart! Take a moment to check out what she had to say to Yell! Magazine.

All photos courtesy of TRD Photography

When did you start taking modeling seriously and what was it that made you want to do it?
I started when I was 17. I had done it off and on until around 2009, from then on I started to take it seriously. I enjoy modeling, it makes me feel good. I’ve always wanted to model ever since I was little. I love art; I love to create art, to “move” people, to make people think. It’s my passion.

What drew you into the alternative scene and what inspires you to this day?
The alternative scene I can say came natural to me. I’ve always been “alternative.” From the clothes I wear to the music I listen to. It’s a lifestyle.

Music inspires me. It’s my life, it’s what makes you feel, makes you live, helps you deal with day-to-day situations.

Violence begins to mend what was broken

– Lamb of God, and Vanessa’s favorite quote/lyric

What is your favorite genre of fashion? Why?
My fave? I have a few ha! Mainly grunge, little bit of goth. Mix them both then it’s awesome. I was never the girly type, so fashion isn’t a big deal to me.

How would you describe your style? What is your favorite item of clothing?
My style, well it’s me ha! My friends always said I was “the rocker chick,” basically meaning I looked nothing like them haha! My fave item would have to be my Batman sweater and my combat boots.

What do you consider the worst fashion faux pas?
Worst fashion, haha! Wow there are so many. I’m gonna go with skinny jeans, especially the ones where they are sagging off some guy’s butt. I never understood the purpose of that. And anything floral… gag!

Tell me a bit about some of your tattoos; are any of them more significant than others?
Tattoos. I wish I had more! Haha. One that probably stands out the most is my Marilyn tattoo — she is a vampire. It came from my dad, who is a huge comic book buff and he named both my brother and I from comic books. So my name came from Vanessa Van Helsing; she was the granddaughter of Professor Van Helsing, the vampire slayer.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I got my first tattoo at 17 and it is now covered up! So, people, make sure you are getting quality work from the beginning!

Do you have any go-to artists you want to shout out to?
Shout out to Josh Harris at Forever Yours in Old Hickory Tennessee, James Robinson at Icon Nashville and Vamp, and Chris at Ink and Leather in Knoxville Tennessee.

What’s your next piece of ink going to be?
Next piece will be my Batman-themed sleeve. I’m so excited about it, I can’t stand myself. Haha!

What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
My advice to people wanting to get into the modeling scene is to do your research, find a great photographer to start your portfolio, and bust your ass. It’s not easy, nor is it handed to you.

Tell me about some of your publications/credits.
I’ve had about 20 publications magazine-wise. I was in Urban Ink with Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans running back, Tattooed Lifestyle, and many others. I hope to get many more too.

What is the best place you have traveled to model?
I haven’t traveled a lot, which is my plan this year. But Atlanta is a great place! I hope to get out to Cali this year and Vegas!

Who is on your short list? Photographers, designers etc… that you would like to work with?
Keith Selle, Hugo V Photography, Bilacous, and Daveed Benito.

Do you have any big plans for 2014?
Take over the world! Haha, OK, just kidding. But I really want to get out there more, I want to be everywhere, magazines, websites, conventions, you name it.

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