Vany Vicious – This Is Edgy, Tomboy Chic [Interview]

vany vicious
Vany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany ViciousVany Vicious

Vany Vicious is sassy, classy, tattooed, and sexy. Currently she’s based in Florida and has been modeling for over seven years. Her specialties are alternative glamour and grunge– and punk-inspired fashion. Her gorgeous canvas is already covered in beautiful ink, and she is always adding more. I had the pleasure of chatting with her, check out her interview below.

First off, are there any interesting tidbits people should know about you?
I am secretly a ninja!

How long have you been modeling?
Going on 7 years now

Where have you lived and modeled?
Just Miami so far.

When did you start taking modeling seriously and what was it that made you want to do it?
I started taking it seriously in about 2010. At first I wasn’t convinced that I could actually be a model, but when I started seeing everyone’s positive responses to what I was doing, I thought, “Okay, so maybe it is possible.”

What drew you into the alternative scene and what inspires you to this day?
Everything inspires me: people I meet, moods I’m in, and the experiences I go through.

What is your favorite genre of fashion? Why?
I like all fashion. If you are expressing yourself and comfortable in your own skin, then I salute you. I’ve always dressed how I wanted so I appreciate when others do the same.

How would you describe your style?
Edgy, tomboy chic!

What is your favorite item of clothing?
Ripped-up, high-waist shorts because they are comfy as hell and they make your butt look great.

vany vicious

Tell me a bit about some of your tattoos; are any of them more significant than others?
Most of my tattoos are extremely random, [and] a lot are pretty funny too. For instance, I have a slice of pizza tattooed on the inside of my arm. I’d say the only tattoos I have with meaning are my portraits. One is of my mother and I also have one of my brother on my rib. Oh, and of course my idol, RuPaul!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I was 14 years young and stupid!

Do you have any go-to artists you want to shout out to?
Vic Vivid, Henry Only, and Ryan Eternal to name a few.

What’s your next piece of ink going to be?
As of now, I am re-touching my entire right sleeve with Ryan Eternal at FTL Ink in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Tell me about some of your publications/credits.
I have been published in Savage, Tattoos for Woman, Missy Ink, Southern Ink, Solis Magazine, and many others. I really can’t name them all right now.

What is the best place you have traveled to model?
Nowhere! I suck! Lol joking. I love New York!

mental candyWho is on your short list of photographers, designers, etc., that you would like to work with?
I am dying to visit Las Vegas and work with Mentel Candy again. I’ve always love working with Nx Photography as well . And a new recent favorite has to be Ohrangutang!

Tell me a bit about what you offer through your website, What can people expect to receive if they sign up and grab a membership?
Basically, they can see me naked, uncensored photos, a merchandise store, and some videos will be posted there soon too.

What are your plans for 2014?
Just to take over the world, nothing toooooo crazy!

You can keep up with Vany Vicious on Facebook and Instagram.

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