Top 10 Video Game Movies That Need To Be Made Or: Hey, Baby, Wanna Sit On My Casting Couch?

No.6 Bioshock

Bioshock screenshot

The plot:

1960s oceanic flight goes down in the drink, lone survivor finds himself trapped in incredibly advanced underwater metropolis and on the run from crazed gene-splicing mutant freaks.

Why it could work:

The underwater city of Rapture alone would sell tickets. Built at the bottom of the ocean in the hopes of creating a meeting place for the best and brightest the world had to offer, Rapture soon deteriorated into an anarchic ball of science without rules and ambitions gone wild. Mix steampunk technology with science-fiction genetic body modifications and you have something audiences have never seen before. And wait till they get a look at the Big Daddies!

Bioshock screenshot
Did somebody order a prostate exam?

Why it might not work:

No good reason, actually. This is a very feasible movie that doesn’t require a budget that would bankrupt a small country. Sure, it takes place underwater, but most of the action occurs indoors. Aside from a few scenic views of the surrounding ocean floor, Rapture is easily reproduced by any decent FX house. Even the superpowers displayed by Rapture’s inhabitants (fire, electricity, telekinesis) are on the low end of the effects spectrum.

Who should be involved:

The fantastic art style featured in the streets of Rapture and the general insanity of its citizens seem like something out of Tim Burton’s bag of tricks. Gore Verbinski was associated with the project for a long time, but he’s since moved on, passing directing duties to 28 Weeks Later helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. As for the game’s nameless, voiceless, faceless protagonist – anybody could theoretically fill his shoes, but this type of risky, out-there project sounds like something Leonardo DiCaprio might be interested in.

The potential:

All over the place. If people refuse to give the setting a chance, it could be a huge bomb. If audiences embrace the concept, it might soar to unexpected heights like Inception did.

[Editor’s note: Jesus, TheMatt goes on about it…]

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