Top 10 Video Game Movies That Need To Be Made Or: Hey, Baby, Wanna Sit On My Casting Couch?

No.9 Dead Island

The plot:

Tropical island vacation turns horrifying when out of nowhere… a horde of zombies invade!

Dead Island screenshot
Can I not enjoy my fucking Mojito in peace?!

Why it could work:

Zombies are in. It might have started harmlessly enough with App Store hit Plants Vs. Zombies or it might simply be their turn now that vampires seem to be on the way out, either way, audiences are flocking to all sorts of zombie-filled products. Plus, Dead Island‘s first cinematic trailer blew a lot of people away with its chilling depiction of a mom and dad brutally fighting off and eventually tossing their zombiefied little girl out of a window. Throw in a novel island resort setting, definitely go for a hard, pull-no-punches R-rating and we’ve got a crowd pleaser.

Why it might not work:

Horror movies aren’t exactly lighting the box office on fire lately. And zombies? Their gaming (Call Of Duty‘s zombie mode) and TV (The Walking Dead) fortunes are up nowadays, but movie audiences haven’t been kind to them. Zombies have always been the red-headed stepchild of movie monsters, a lot of people don’t take them very seriously. Plus, even with an A-list budget on this thing, it still screams B-movie.

Who should be involved:

You don’t need the cream-of-the-crop of Hollywood leading men and starlets for zombie fodder. Plus, it’s highly unlikely this project would attract top-tier talent. We’ll probably have to settle for a bunch of handsome people most likely starring in CW shows. What’s needed here is the right director. Obviously, this is right down George Romero’s alley, but nobody’s handing him a budget any time soon. Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile director Frank Darabont did an awesome job on The Walking Dead, perhaps he’d be interested in helming?

The potential:

Middle of the road. With the right people onboard, this could be a surprise smash.

The next one is a dead ringer for number eight…

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