Top 10 Video Game Movies That Need To Be Made Or: Hey, Baby, Wanna Sit On My Casting Couch?

No.8 Dead Space

Dead Space screenshot

The plot:

Interstellar rescue party enters mining spaceship infected with alien virus that turns victims into horrifyingly deformed meat puppets. So how was your day?

Why it could work:

Dead Space would be a sci-fi/horror/action hybrid, capable of pleasing a wide swath of audience types. Throw in a wide array of futuristic weaponry, most of it modified mining equipment, and we’re talking major action sequences here. Also, dispatching the poor infected crew requires the protagonists to blast off all of their limbs, as opposed to, say, shooting a zombie in the brain. Gory? Hell, yes!

Dead Space screenshot
Is that a limb or a dick? Better safe than sorry. ZAP IT!

Why it might not work:

Monsters in a haunted house in space. Wasn’t that the exact same plot to Event Horizon? Or Pandorum? Or the original Alien? Dead Space was an innovative video game, but as a movie it’s treading on very familiar ground.

Who should be involved:

I’d hand the reins to this puppy over to Gore Verbinski, who proved with The Ring that he could shoot the proper atmosphere required for Dead Space. Plus, with the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise grossing billions of dollars worldwide, he’d bring some box office credibility to the project. Since Dead Space‘s hero, Isaac, is a silent and mostly faceless character, you’d need to bring in a decent actor to give him some humanity. Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Brotherhood) has that everyman quality to him that a humble engineer requires and, also, bonus points for having a similar name. Also, he’s not a big star, which means more money for the special effects.

The potential:

Upper middle range. Space monsters plus kick-ass special effects equals box office gold.

Some might argue, mostly the fans, that the next film should be priority number one…

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