Poppy Del Interview – Curves Are Definitely Feminine

Photgrapher: Obscure Eye Photography, Model: Poppy Del
Poppy Del - Deadly Couture Latex - Credit: Aparte PhotographyPoppy De'L - Deadly Couture Latex - Credit: Aparte PhotographyPoppy Del - Credit: Greg BricknellPoppy Del - Credit: Obscure Eye PhotographyPoppy Del - Credit: Tiffany Ireland-photographyPoppy Del - Credit: Poppy De'L - Credit: Visual MediaVTPoppy Del - Credit: White Waves Photography

Guide me a bit in your inked madness. What’s your next piece of ink going to be?
Well, I just finished my chest with Gwendolyn Williams in Victoria, BC. She’s unreal! I’m going back to see her next week and start something on my left arm; I threw some ideas at her and I’ll see what she comes up with. That’s kind of my thing now. If I have a general idea and an artist that I really love, then I’ll just let them go with it because chances are its going to be way better then what I break down for them.

painted lotus

Do you have any go-to artists you want to shout out to?
I super love Gwen! I had been waiting to get in with her for about a year. She’s at Painted Lotus in Victoria. I saw Emily Schoichet last year for a spooky kitty on my thigh. It’s awesome and she is hilarious. Everyone always loves my lady on my left arm from Rachi Brains in Brisbane, Australia; she’s the sweetest chick ever! Oh, and I can not wait to go back to Edmonton and get more from Julie Baushardt; she does the cutest tattoos of life and she’s adorable. ANDDDD I really miss Clark Macleod. He’s in Calgary and he did both my shins.

Would you consider tattooing as a way of self-expression?
Sure. I mean, at the beginning, my tattoos symbolized specific things and the more I got tattooed the more they became just things that I’m into, but they still all represent things that mean something to me. And I feel like they suit the kind of person I am, and that’s self-expression.

What has being a tattooed woman taught you about society, yourself, and the idea of beauty?
I was never raised in a judgmental household. My family is pretty accepting – probably because we are all a bunch of weirdos. I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s personal lives or appearances. I mostly just shrug off peoples comments about how I’m going to regret it when I’m older, or what made me do this to myself, or what do my parents think. People are judgmental, I know that I would rather work in a place where I can look how I want, and I want to surround myself with people who don’t care what I look like. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

How long have you been a make-up artist?
About 4 years.

Do you have any formal training?
Yeppers, I went to Eveline Charles around the same time I started my business.

What got you into Make-up Artistry and what do you enjoy the most about it?
I always thought I was artistic, but never really knew how. I was always the one to do my girlfriends’ make-up for them when we were younger. Years ago I would watch YouTube videos and play around with make-up and then I just got the idea I should start a business, and a good idea it was. My favorite thing about doing make-up is doing exaggerated photo shoots. I really love anything spooky and dramatic.

Do you feel being able to offer your services as a model, make-up artist, and a designer of sorts makes you a more desirable sell to photographers, etc.
Well, I really only started modelling again because I was doing make-up for photo shoots and people had suggested it. It probably made their job easier. I would do my own make-up and do photo shoots for fun. I feel like photographers probably like that I’m skilled in the make-up department, and perhaps it makes their jobs easier.

Do you still like to collaborate with other make-up artists for shoots?
I love it! I love when people do my make-up. Less time for me to get ready at home and it’s so relaxing.

Do you offer your make-up services to other models/clients?
I do! But I do it a lot less often now that I’m in hair school.

What is the best place you have traveled to model?
I haven’t really done a whole lot of traveling. I used to live in Fort McMurray and would travel to Edmonton and Calgary a lot. Now that I’m in BC there are a lot of great photographers here. I had to privilege of flying to Ontario to shoot the cover of Missy/Ink Magazine recently. That was pretty sweet! I’d really love to travel to the States to work, but right now school’s priority.

Who is on your short list of photographers, designers, etc. that you would like to work with?
Hmmm… Everyone. I’m getting old; gotta do what I can while I still can.

What are some of your other loves and hobbies outside professional alternative modeling?
I love to draw!!! I’m working on it slowly… Maybe one day I will be a super awesome tattooer. I also love to eat a lot of junk food, snuggle with my boyfriend, hang out in the sun, drink so much coffee, crush TV series, and make my apartment super messy so I can bitch about cleaning it again.

What’s your best motivational lesson for the beginners?
Be yourself. If you shoot something you’re uncomfortable with, you can’t take it back.

Do you have any big plans for 2014?
Finish school! Then figure out what the heck I’m going to do after that.

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