Olivia G [Interview]: She’s A Hardcore R’n’R Sweetheart

olivia g interview
Olivia G - SweeneyOlivia G - SweeneyOlivia G - SweeneyOlivia G - SweeneyOlivia G - Sweeney

Olivia G is a sexy, sweet alternative model from Massachusetts. And this tattooed bombshell is a Jane of all trades! Not only is she a kick-ass model, but she’s also the manager of Red House Irons Tattoo shop in Ayer, Massachusetts, and she’s a tattoo artist apprentice! I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Olivia and here’s her fabulous interview.

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Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
Hey guys! What’s up, I’m Olivia, tattoo apprentice and alternative model.

When did you start modeling and what was it that made you want to do it?
I started modeling when I was about 17 years old, so it hasn’t been too long since I started. I wanted to try it out because even then I was super drawn to the alternative and hardcore look of the girls in the scene. I saw it as an awesome opportunity to be myself for a few hours each shoot, and just let my mind get away from life for a bit and just focus on enjoying me.

To be a successful model requires lots of stuff, perhaps a gorgeous face, hot body, and lots of time and nerves to get the name out? What’s the secret?
Oh geez. The secret? I don’t really have one. I think as long as you’re confident in yourself and your look, then the camera will capture that. I don’t pay attention to what I look like to other girls or how pretty my face is or what I eat every day. I am me, let me roar.

What was the hardest part about getting into the business?
Definitely making the connections. If you don’t have any like I didn’t, getting your name out there just takes more hard work and drive so as long as you’re willing, then the connections will soon develop.

What drew you into the alternative scene and what inspires you to this day?
What drew me in was just the fact that the girls and the people could have any type of look or body modification and still be beautiful and accepted. Growing up in a strict household and small town, the hardcore/alt scene was definitely my escape to just say fuck it and be myself.

I’m pretty sure that you are a very creative person. Do you give some ideas to your photographers about a photosession (the creative part) or do you keep it professional and follow their imagination?
Oh, I for sure get my voice in with photographers, haha. I try to thorw out ideas throughout the whole shoot. I just did a shoot with photographer Ryan Sweeney, and I saw this random trash can and was like, “let’s do it.” I give as many ideas and thoughts as I can and for the most part I have been lucky enough to have worked with very nice and compatible photographers.

What is your favorite genre of fashion?
I don’t think I have just one genre. Recently I am very much digging the ’90s-plaid-shirt-on-the-waist-and-short-shirt-on-top look, but I definitely can’t label my style or one that I love because I bounce around every week.

How would you describe your style?
Hardcore meets sweetheart meets rock and roll love child meets stripper. How’d I do?

I’ve noticed lots of cool ink on your body. When did you get your first tattoo and what was it? What’s your next piece of ink going to be?
Oh, gosh, my first tattoo was the two little bear paws I have on my lower stomach. I was barely 16, I think, and I went to this kid’s house who is now a very good friend and was just like, “yep, this is what I want because it’s so badass.” Haha, little did I know. My next piece of ink is probably saving up for my Vincent Price portrait. I adore him like the god he is.

Tell me a bit about becoming a tattoo artist yourself.
Becoming an artist is a challenge that is unexplainably awesome. I am super lucky to say that my apprenticeship was basically handed to me, and I have the best teacher and the best fellow shop mates. It definitely has its ups and downs, especially being a female in this industry, but I plan to kick ass and tattoo for as long as I can. The craft is so amazing and it’s my escape.

Do you consider tattooing as a way of self-expression?
Oh, for sure. I think it’s totally OK to have tattoos that mean absolutely nothing though, because I sure do. But it’s like putting on your clothes or wearing make-up; you do it because you love it, you want to do it, and who cares what the public has to say. Tattoos are beautiful pieces of art; I just choose to purchase my art not at a gallery but to put on my skin.

What has being a tattooed woman taught you: about society, yourself, and the idea of beauty?Tell me about some of the people you’ve worked with and your tattoo artists.
My main tattoo artists are Thomas Gustainis, Shane Murphy, and Josh Allen. Most of my photography has been done by Ryan Sweene who has also managed me. I have done shoots with Matt Francis, Chris Fulcher, and Dustin Genereaux as well. I respect them all very greatly.

What is the best place you have traveled to model?
Honestly I haven’t really gotten the chance to go far or anywhere super special to model yet. But I would have to say my favorite place so far would have to be the deep woods in Conecticut, where I got to be absolutely freezing on Halloween trying to be sexy. It was so awesome.

Who is on your short list of photographers, designers, etc. that you would like to work with?
I would absolutely love to model for Dollskill, Unif, and Ink Addict Apparel. Photographer wise, Jeremey Saffer has always been on my top list.

What are some of your other loves and hobbies outside professional alternative modeling?
Well, besides being an apprentice I spend a lot of time with my pup; I have a 1-year- old Husky who is my fur child that is the biggest pain in my ass. I try to always make time for friends too, and I love cooking, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and eating of course.

Who are some of your favorite bands?
That is a solid question. My taste varies so much, from Motionless in white to Drew Barefoot to Blitzkid. I honestly love everything, except rap or country. Haha, my biggest confession honestly is listening to Chopin when I tattoo.

What’s your best motivational lesson for aspiring models?
Fuck everyone that has put you down. You do what you feel comfortable and confident doing. Don’t let anyone pressure you because shoots should be a blast to do. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the shit talking or the money, but keeping your head straight to just be happy and do it because you choose is key.

Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?
Oh, man. I just plan to be licensed soon, tattoo till my hands break, enjoy my age and my friends, and hey, a girl wouldn’t mind finding love.

You can keep up with Olivia G on Instagram (@oliviaanneg) and her tattoo shop at redhouseirons.com. Also, it’s always fun to check out a photographer’s page and work; find Sweeney on Facebook and Instagram (@sweeneyphotography).

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