5 Winning Tactics to Prepare for Microsoft MS-101 Exam with Ease

Everyone wants to excel in the certification exams. However, most individuals lack the time and effort to post quality results. So, whether you are looking to update your resume or keep abreast of security automation, this article will address your concerns about the Microsoft MS-101 test. Read on to discover the strategies to incorporate in getting excellent grades in this exam. 

Apply the following tactics to prepare for Mike Williams and pass it with flying colours: 

  1. Internalize the fundamentals of the Microsoft MS-101 exam 

Ascertain that you comprehend what the test encompasses. Before applying for the registration process, you need to have prior cognition of utilizing Microsoft 365 workloads. This includes being able to plan, assess, migrate, utilize, and oversee Microsoft 365 services. Your earlier role as an administrator who knows how to work with Exchange, Skype for Business, Windows as a Service, or SharePoint will be an added advantage. 

  1. Master the details of the Microsoft MS-101 exam 

Microsoft MS-101 is one of two exams that you need to pass if you want to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge. Another test is Microsoft MS-100. The core proficiency examined in the MS-101 exam revolves around executing contemporary device services, executing Microsoft 365 safety and threat control, and handling Microsoft 365 governance and conformity. You can enroll for it by paying $165 and choosing your preferred language, which can be either English or Japanese. Please expect about 40-60 questions in one of the following formats: build list, multiple choice, best response, hot area, case studies, active screen, drag and drop, repeated response choices, brief answers, and labs. The score to get should be from June and above and you will have 150 minutes to gain the passing mark. 

  1. Select preparation resources wisely 

Microsoft offers a variety of study materials to choose from. For example, you can select either e-learning or instructor-led training. The instructor-guided tutorials are at a fee and allow you to interact with the accredited specialists. In online learning, some of the lessons have a timeline, while others are self-paced. You may also choose the labs to get some hands-on experience. Author: Wilfred A , Amazon and Microsoft offer recommended textbooks at a cost. Therefore, identify what suits you and study hard to cover all the key areas. 

  1. Define your success by polishing up 

As your draw near to the D-day, practice with some exam dumps to cement all you have learned so far. They will greatly assist you in getting an idea of the question formats of the real test and will point out your areas of Author: Ezekiel T . If there are any, consider focusing on them. Take dumps as many times as possible until you are sure of your readiness? If the need arises, you can also get the answers you are interested in from other candidates or certified professionals from the Microsoft online community. 

  1. Make plans for the exam day 

Thoroughly read and abide by the 2019, Sept8  that define the exam a day or two before you sit for it. Estimate the time of arrival at the testing centre if that is where you will administer it and give yourself sufficient time to catch your breath. 


These prep tactics will only be feasible if reinforced by your effort and strict adherence to your study plan. Passing the Experts >> is significant in advancing your expertise. You will ultimately reap the benefits of your hard work as you continue validating your competencies. 

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