7 Images Of The Rare PlayStation/Nintendo Console Hybrid

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In the awesome gallery above, you’ll find 7 images of the rare “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype console, which was a failed partnership deal between the two game giants which originally took place some 25 years ago.

According to Gamespot, the “Nintendo PlayStation” was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in 1991, it was meant to be a system that could play Nintendo game cartridges and compact discs, but due to a partnership fall-out between both companies at the same event, the system was discontinued. Apparently, Sony made 200 prototypes and all of them were destroyed, except for one.

The prototype model seen above was found by the son of a businessman who had ties with a former Sony executive. He posted the images of the console via Reddit and plans to boot up the system when he finds the missing power supply.

Once he boots up the system for the first time, we really hope to see the video clip, if he decides to shares it online. In the meantime, enjoy the images.

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