Watch Mario In Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what Mario would look like on the latest 3-D technology in the video game industry? If yes, then you may want to hit the play button on video player above because someone has already taken the step and re-created the iconic plumber on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

YouTube user aryoksini said the following in the video’s description,

All the environment assets were taken from the Unreal marketplace, all the character actions were scripted using blueprints only, all animations were re-created from scratch as well as the PBR ready textures.

In my opinion, I think it’s pretty neat to see Mario running around in a 3-D environment with all the graphical polishes we typically see on high end PC games. I’m pretty sure we’ll never see something like this on Nintendo anytime soon. Or maybe Nintendo will have a change of heart after viewing this video and it will convince them to change the graphics to something as slick as this.

But don’t hold your breath!

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