The Return Of Retro Gaming

Retro Gaming

As anyone who has enjoyed console or desktop gaming through the ages can testify, titles from previous generations look extremely dated when compared with contemporary instalments. With improved graphics, more immersive audio quality and greater narratives, today’s games have evolved to a level that was scarcely believable until a decade ago.

The same principle can surprisingly be applied to mobile gaming, where modern platforms and operating systems offer a far more interactive experience to players. From simplistic games such as Snake to the type of console-inspired adventures that are accessible through modern handsets, the evolution of mobile gaming has been sudden and pronounced.

A Cross-platform Trend

Retro Gaming

Given this, it may come as a surprise to some that retro gaming is emerging as increasingly popular in 2015. This is true across multiple gaming platforms, with snake returning as an Android experience while we witness a rising demand for the resurrection of NES, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games. Although these titles and platforms were extremely popular in their time and laid the foundation for modern console gaming, their limitations have been exposed by contemporary development techniques and concepts such as virtual reality or three-dimensional entertainment.

If we delve deeper, however, perhaps we should not be so surprised. After all, a closer inspection of eighth generation console games (on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One) shows that many have simply replicated the patterns used in original Nintendo titles. This is a trend that is prevalent throughout the whole of the gaming sector, where classic patterns and narratives are adapted to suit alternative markets. As a result, the market tends to be cyclical in its nature and this causes patterns to be repeated.

The Future of Retro Titles

Retro Gaming

There is another key consideration too, as recent technological innovations have provided a platform for classic cult games to be modernised for today’s generation of players. This is extremely appealing, as these titles have an existing fan base and can be successfully marketed on the basis of their heritage and the fact that they represent an alternative era of gaming. Such experiences can also be sold to new players who wish to add to their library and enjoy the games that defined the previous console generation.

In terms of mobile gaming, another prominent trend has emerged for live casino gaming. This is also part of a similar trend, primarily because classic and long-standing casino games and patterns have been adapted to suit popular mobile platforms. As a result, players can now enjoy games such as European roulette online, without compromising on the authenticity of gameplay of the level of dealer interaction. This augers well for the continued popularity of retro gaming, as technology continues to evolve to create an improved and more authentic playing experience.

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