E3 2012’s Most Anticipated Nintendo News – Preview Edition: Day 5

Welcome to our fifth entry in our ongoing preview of all the latest games and hardware being rolled out at this E3 2012.

We’ve covered our most anticipated games, allowed you to watch the hottest trailers and today we present some exciting news from Nintendo. Obviously, the unleashing of its newest console, the Wii-U, is bound to generate huge revenue for a company that has struggled to maintain the initial burst of enthusiasm created by the original Wii. Sure, the Wii is all the rage in large families and at grandma’s house, but a lack of mature games and comparatively sub-par graphics have hurt the console’s long-term prospects. Strangely, judging from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s pre-E3 streaming presentation (below), the Wii-U doesn’t seem to address any of these problems, instead focusing on gimmicky hardware. Then again, I said the same thing about the original Wii and look how my predictions turned out…

Nintendo, E3 2012 Pre-show Screaning:

Konami, E3 2012 Pre-show:

Konami hit the ground running this year with presentations for their upcoming products, including Metal Gear: Revengeance, an HD remastering of their classic Zone Of The Enders, a special Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Edition and the sequel to Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow.

Stay tuned for more conferences and live streams from Sony and Microsoft! Meanwhile, here are some new trailers to keep you salivating. FYI: if your saliva production surpasses what’s considered normal for viewing video game trailers, you might have a glandular problem. Just saying.

Dead Trigger

Zombies, zombies, zombies! TV zombies! Movie zombies! Comic book store zombies! And now, mobile device zombies! Coming soon to an iPad or Android device near you, Dead Trigger combines two of my favorite things: popping zombie heads and those oh so satisfying floating damage numbers. Unsure at this point how much this one will cost in the App Store but sign me up!

War of the Roses

War Of The Roses is a game starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. The two are involved in a vicious divorce battle that escalates into siege warfare, cavalry charges, and, judging by this trailer, several bloody beheadings. What? This isn’t a game based on the 1989 movie? Damn, I would have paid good money to cut off Danny DeVito’s head.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Affectionately known by those who have experienced its many dangers as the most difficult game of all time, Dark Souls was a hit on consoles, in spite of its insane level of difficulty and frustrating trial-and-error gameplay. Now coming to PCs, Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition lets you know exactly what to expect based on its title alone. More levels, more secrets, and more player deaths than in every other game you’ve ever player combined! You. Are. Not. Prepared!


Just because all the big boys come out to play at E3 doesn’t mean indie developers can’t showcase their products as well. Fray, from developer Brain Candy, is an online shooter looking to steal some gamers away from the ever popular Call Of Duty with more strategic gameplay. Featuring six classes, two sides to choose from, and dozens of weapons, Fray promises weekly updates containing new maps, classes, equipment, and more. Can Fray compete in a crowded marketplace?

E3 2012′s Most Anticipated Nintendo News

E3 2012′s Most Anticipated Nintendo News

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