QOTD: M. Shadows On The A7X Video Game

a7x video game

It is a very big game for the mobile platform. We’re pretty much making a console game… We’re actually trying to tell a story with our game… We wanted to do it for mobile devices, because most people have smartphones… When you make a Triple-A console game, the development can take 5 or 6 years and cost close to $200 million… Something like this, we were able to fund it ourselves, we developed it ourselves, we’re publishing it ourselves, and we have complete control over it. Everything that’s in this game is from us… You basically go around fighting all these demons who have taken over your world and killed your people. It’s an action-adventure, along the lines of Zelda and Gauntlet. It’s got a lot of old-school nods [for] people in my generation who grew up with old Nintendos and cartridge games—but it’s also got a new-school flavor. We recorded 8 songs for the levels, which are all nods to 8-bit, Castlevania-type music.M. Shadows talks to Revolver about the Avenged Sevenfold mobile video game

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