A7X’ Synyster Gates Will Surprise You In The Guitar Center Master Class [VIDEO]

Jesus! I’m kicking myself right now for what I’m about to say… and after I say it I’m going to slice off my manhood. I think I’ve found some respect for Avenged Sevenfold’s guitarist, Synyster Gates, as a musician. (Self-punch to the face.)

Check out these two clips from Gates’ Master Class session and you might find that you’ll be kicking yourself too. Thank god his guitar prowess doesn’t mean that we (or I, if you prefer to be left out of the hate group) have to like A7X.

In the first clip, above, you get to hear Gates talk about his connection to old country music and how he’s been influenced by gypsy guitar work. Then you get to see him show off some of those techniques.

In the second clip, below, he shreds the heavy stuff.

So, in the past I’ve slammed Gates’ onstage demeanor, where he comes across as a bit of an arrogant tool. I think I should probably respectfully retract any personal attacks I’ve made on him, if I have… I don’t remember exactly. Judging from how he speaks about his relationship to the guitar he seems like a pretty genuine guy.

Rock Hard \m/

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