Arch Enemy – “You Will Know My Name” But You Might Not Want To

Arch Enemy is coming at us with another video prior to the June 10th release of their first album, War Eternal, with new vocalist, Alissa White-Gluz. But this one, “You Will Know My Name,” is vastly different from “War Eternal” and “As the Pages Burn,” by which I mean that it’s not as good. It might actually be one of the weakest songs in Arch Enemy’s entire catalog.

Now, I can appreciate that AE might be trying something a little different, and right now, with a new singer, it might be the best time for a little bit of experimentation. Conversely, it might be the worst, because with a new vocalist there will be a microscope on the band, and any band in this situation should come out swinging.

Judging from the two previous tracks, I think AE came to fight, but “You Will Know My Name” feels like scrap riffs and solos cobbled together to make something resembling an AE song. I know that I’m sounding like a judgmental dick, so let’s take a look at what founding member and guitarist Michael Amott has had to say about the shift:

Changes in the band lineup are hardly ever looked upon favorably by the fans, which I completely understand. Nonetheless, it does happen and the changes that have been made in the Arch Enemy camp were necessary in order for the band to survive and keep going. I love the energy of working with new people and Alissa and Nick have certainly brought a lot of talent and enthusiasm to the band!

OK, and for a final pot shot today… I don’t know if Alissa has been paid yet, but you’d think that she could afford to ditch the tattered clothes from her previous band’s, The Agonist, theme for its latest album release, Prisoners (2012).

In all fairness, I love Arch Enemy, and will do my damnedest is to give the new album a fair shake.

What do you think of “You Will Know My Name”? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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