Unbuilt, Issue 2: Proving Print Isn’t Dead?


Music industry veteran Tom Bejgrowicz developed and designed the new culture and lifestyle magazine, Unbuilt, which had its first issue released earlier this year. What made it exceptionally notable were the editorial contributions from musicians like D. Randall Blythe (Lamb of God) and Alex Skolnick (Testament, Alex Skolnick Trio). Unbuilt Magazine was unlike anything released before it — giving prominent musicians the ability to flex their creative muscles in a different manner and share their inspired voice through an alternate medium.

At the time of its initial launch, Tom Bejgrowicz stated:

While the three of us are bonded by music, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for who we are as people. Just as Alex and Randy have inspired so many, they’re equally inspired and motivated by a unique variety of people, places and things. It’s those very inspirations that make them who they are, their music sounds like it does and their words ring true for so many. *Unbuilt gives the three of us a platform to share those influences with whomever will listen.

The Unbuilt team — now accented by the socially conscious mind of Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz — is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Unbuilt Issue 02. Pre-orders can be made here, with worldwide shipping beginning Halloween, October 31st. Unbuilt is available exclusively online, direct from the artists themselves.


Bejgrowicz adds:

Having Alissa White-Gluz join our team offers a unique, socially conscious point of view with a very different backstory than that of Randy, Alex, and I. She’s not only a fantastic singer, her passion for animal rights, environmentalism, health, and responsible citizenship deliver a lot to the pages of Unbuilt.

Limited to 1,250 copies worldwide, Issue 02 features interviews with celebrity Chef Chris Santos (Chopped, Beauty & Essex), activist artist Molly Crabapple (Jay-Z, MoMA), author Bradford Morrow (The Forgers, Trinity Fields), employees with the Detroit non-profit visionaries The Empowerment Plan, and roadie-extraordinaire Josh Mihlek (Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold).

Issue 02 also contains a conversation between drummers Thom Green (Alt-J) and Abe Cunningham (Deftones) that occurred backstage at Wembley Arena in London before the Deftones’ sold out show there.


Further, Randy Blythe delivers “Show Me a Sign,” a series of exclusive images shot along old Rt. 66 when Randy and rock photographer Rob Fenn drove across the country along the old Rt. 66 in connection to Rob’s You, Me And A ’63 movie project that Randy and Rob are writing with Academy Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton. The photographs are accompanied by an essay discussing Randy’s response to the age-old question posed to artists, “Where do your ideas come from?”

Additionally, Unbuilt‘s “Exhibition Space” centerfold spread spotlights a different artist in each issue with the aforementioned Molly Crabapple gracing this issue.

Bejgrowicz commented further:

Having covered such an esteemed group of individuals in Issue 01, the editorial task was to neither repeat ourselves nor overanalyze where we were at and what we wanted to do. The beauty of focusing on ‘culture and lifestyle’ is that the sky’s the limit for topics to discuss. With Issue 02, we once again followed our gut instinct while avoiding redundancy to keep both ourselves and our readers on our toes.

Alex Skolnick added:

In this issue, there are profiles of fascinating folks, mostly ones that more people need to be aware of but also some genuine celebs engaging in fun, revealing, and in-depth conversation that goes where most existing media coverage does not. While it would be easy to have compromised the quality and integrity of Bejgrowicz — or worse yet, have given up altogether — we’ve hung in there. I’m very glad we did and beyond proud of our sophomore issue.

From every issue, $1 of sales from Unbuilt will go to help those in need around the world. Humane Society International and the International Committee of the Red Cross will each receive 50¢ from every issue sold.

The issue includes 32 pages, is 9″ x 11.5″, self-published, and ad-free.

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