Persist Interview – “And The World Will Listen”


How are you guys feeling about “You Don’t Shine!”?

We have been working with Eleven Hurts Music producer Joel Kazmi and he has really brought the best out of our sound, we are thrilled with the music and excited to finish the album and release this full-length CD.

I know you guys are asking for “pledges” for the new album. How is this going? Do you find good support from your fans?

Pledge is going well, we are getting closer to our goal. Times are tough and it’s hard for people to come up with extra money, which is why we really wanted to make sure they got their money’s worth when they supported our campaign. We have some very unique rewards for our pledgers and we have the best fans in the world, they always support us.

Rumor has it there are going to be some pretty wicked guest appearances on your new album, can you tell me a bit about who you will be collaborating with and why?

We were very lucky to have Marcx Rizzo from Soulfly play on our CD. We met him when we toured with FFDP and Soulfly in 2012, and kept in touch. Soulfly had a gig in Toronto and he was excited to play some of our CD. Marc Rizzo is a phenomenal guitar player; he also tours with his own solo project and just always has a guitar in his hands. All the stars aligned and it worked out that he had a bit of time and we really appreciate him helping us out. It is a big compliment when musicians of his stature believe in what we are doing enough to put their name on it too, so we are all very happy and excited for people to hear this CD when it’s finished.

In the last year, what has been the craziest show you’ve performed? Maybe one where the fans were extra hardcore, the energy was hot and you guys just feel like you nailed it and brought all you’ve got.

I have to say the whole tour, it was insane, so much of everything you can imagine and a bit more. People love their music so much, it really makes everything better. People hear a song and get taken back to a moment in their lives when they heard it or had a relationship in that time. The best was a 37-year-old woman who told us this was her first metal show ever and she would never forget us.

Other than working hard on the new album release, what can fans expect into 2014 from the band?

The band wants to tour again, we are looking for the right shows and the right bands to tour with, but we really feel we are at the point where we need to keep getting more exposure with high-profile bands. We have some legal things going on as far as record deals and distribution that we are negotiating so something could come of that or we could continue on as an independent band and keep pushing, we have done pretty well so far. Once the CD is released we will tour it for a bit, but we have already begun writing our next CD, we actually have 30 songs written and only 12 recorded so we are ready to get back to the [studio] and keep creating music, it is something that comes so natural and we just can’t get enough of it.

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