Interview: Zack Ward Discusses New Horror Flick, Bethany

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The new horror film Bethany, starring Stefanie Estes, Shannen Doherty, Tom Green, and Zack Ward, is the latest joint venture from brothers-in-horror-arms James Cullen Bressack and Zack Ward. Ward tells us how that relationship kicked off, how this film got going, and why they’re sticking to horror.

How long ago did this journey with Bethany begin for you?
October of 2014. I saw a film that inspired me so James and I set about turning that into two films, Restoration and Bethany.

Who wrote it?
We wrote both of them.

How long have you been producing films with James Cullen Bressack for now?
Since January, 2015.

When did you guys meet?
We met in a sushi joint in North Hollywood in the summer of 2013.

Was there a time when you might have directed Bethany or was this always going to be James’?
No, Bethany was always meant for James to direct and I was always meant to direct Restoration. We set that up from inception.

Did the budget and resources dictate the type of movie you and James would do or was that simply a genre you guys personally enjoy?
With James’ experience and fan base in the horror genre it was a natural choice. That, and our distributor wanted these types of movies made our direction clear from the beginning.

Did the script change a lot between the initial draft and the shooting script?
No, not that much. After we wrote both scripts we then gave final decision to the director of each film. So I rewrote Restoration as I saw fit, and James did the same with Bethany. There’s always a director’s pass on any film, so it just made sense to follow in that mandate.

What kind of audience have you been targeting for the film?
A wide range. Our goal with both films is that they appeal to horror fans but also to the random couple that wants to stay home and watch a flick on TV.

Who is distributing?
Uncork’d is our distributor for both Restoration and Bethany. And they’ve been amazing to work with.

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Bethany is now available on VOD.

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