In Flames – New Video & Announce Final 2013 Show

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New Video

Yes, my friends, it took In Flames more than two years to release the video for the title track of Sounds of a Playground Fading. It’s actually hard to believe that I’ve had this album on heavy rotation for the better part of two years… you’d think we’d be getting news of a new album instead of a new video!

Once again, In Flames called upon the talents of the world-renowned director Patric Ullaeus, which is probably why I’m going to contradict myself today. Anyone who’s read my previous comments on music videos knows that I despise the “performance” video. They’re boring and show a total lack of effort and creativity. The video for “Sounds of a Playground Fading,” however, is a little different. Yes, it’s a performance video to the tenth degree, but it’s an actually performance instead of a band playing in a warehouse. But that’s not why I like this video. The way Ullaeus shot shot and edited the video gives the viewer, at least it did me, the sense of actually being at the venue, which is a tough and rare thing to do. Truthfully, it gave me goosebumps.

If you read the YouTube comments attached to this video, I hope you get as good a laugh as I had. I particularly like the expression “butthurt,” and it’s true; there are so many “fans” commenting on how In Flames sold out when they changed their sound and that the fans will eventually turn their backs on the band. Well, probably not. Have we all forgotten how Metallica changed their sound? Sure, it still pisses the hardcore fans off, but Metallica just kept selling more and more albums. Obviously, the scope of In Flames isn’t as huge as Metallica’s, but they are an integral part of modern heavy metal… and they’re not fucking going anywhere.

In Flames – One Last 2013 Show

A little more than a month ago, In Flames played their last show in their Sounds Of A Playground Fading cycle at the Summer Breeze Festival in Germany. So, no more tour dates for 2013… until now. It was just confirmed today, September 21st, that In Flames will play one more date at the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. The park had closed for the season, but when they got wind that In Flames was available to play on September 27th (yup, next week), they decided to reopen for the day. For more details visit:

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