In Flames Interview With Anders Fridén – Meeting Obstacles And Beyond

In Flames is coming up on the 25th anniversary since the band’s formation in 1990, and it shows. This Gothenburg melodic death metal band, which influenced many metalcore bands that followed, is one of those bands that’s just a total professional act. In Flames sounds just as good live as they do in the studio, if not more intense. The level of musicianship and the quality of the live sound is definitely top-shelf, not to mention the visual presentation, all done with a few lights and smoke (in smallish venues).

More than that, after our interview with Anders Fridén, we can assure you that In Flames cares about what they do and about giving you the best of their abilities. Our proof? Well, being that we saw the band on their second to last night of their tour, and given the fact that Anders was visibly dog tired when we talked to him and yet performed like a fresh-faced 25-year-old man.

Additionally, this band might be made up of some of the nicest guys in the world. Yes, Anders was awesome, responsive, and forthright, but so was Peter Iwers when we interviewed him a couple years back.

In Flames was touring in support of their latest album, Siren Charms (which they’ll do again in 2015), and as direct support for Opeth. In their 15-song set list, they expectedly included a number of new songs, as well as a few songs from Sounds of a Playground Fading. But the set, as to be expected, also included several songs from their back catalog, such as “Only for the Weak,” “The Quiet Place,” “Cloud Connected,” “The Mirror’s Truth,” and more. Really, just a fantastic and well-balanced set.

We asked Anders about what tempts him, connecting with a younger audience, Van Halen’s influence, Christmas plans, and if anything is being planned for the band’s 25th anniversary. Get it all and more in Yell! Magazine’s interview with In Flames’ Anders.

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