New Dead Space 3 Screenshots – These Pesky Necromorphs Are Still Giving Me Nightmares

I’m a full grown man and the only thing in the video game world that still gives me nightmares is Necromorphs from Dead Space. Of course, the creatures themselves isn’t the only reason why my bed sheets are soaked in the morning, it also has to do with all the hair-raising suspense introduced in the franchise through audio, intense gameplay, and a frightening story that captures all the horror one can imagine in outer space.

As the core of the Dead Space series, EA doesn’t plan to undermine the horror anytime soon. In Dead Space 3 gamers will be introduced to new features that have been added to the game, such as allowing players to drop-in/drop-out of co-op mode. Additionally, this will unlock new story details and gameplay mechanics if you’re playing as Earthgov Sergeant John Carver, the co-op character in Dead Space 3. The story will primarily take place on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis, and continues to follow protagonist Isaac Clarke as he attempts to stop the Necromorph plague for good.

EA recently confirmed that Dead Space 3 will officially be available on February 5, 2013, in North America, and February 8 in Europe. With this announcement a new batch of screenshots has been released as well.

Check them out and let us know what you think about Dead Space 3 in the comment section below.

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