Bully Boss? Here Are 10 Heavy Metal Songs For That Asshole

No.10 “Gematria (The Killing Name)” – Slipknot

Gematria (The Killing Name) by Slipknot on Grooveshark

This is a powerful and kick-ass song that has nothing to do with bullies, bosses, or finding inner strength. It’s about girls. Seriously, as psychotic as it might make me out to be, there’s one lyric that I clung to whenever my boss was pissing me off:

“Give me a minute and I’ll change your mind.
Give me a bullet and I’ll change your life.”

No.9 “Dream Factory” – Rob Zombie

Dream factory by Rob Zombie on Grooveshark

There was about a year during my employ under my bully boss that I listened to this song every day as I pulled into work. I think many people who frequent a place that causes them extreme anxiety will be able to relate to the following lyric from the song:

“Inside the mind fucking, meat grinding, unwinding, soul sucking factory of all your dreams”

No.8 “Get in the Ring” – Guns N’ Roses

Get in the Ring by Guns N’ Roses on Grooveshark

Me and this classic track go back a long way. For years it’s been the song I’ve dedicated to the people I hate, especially those with chips on their shoulders. While the Gunners were targeting the media, pretty much the entire song can serve your purposes. I personally like the following lyrics:

“You wanna antagonize me?
Antagonize me motherfucker.
Get in the ring motherfucker.
And I’ll kick your bitchy little ass.

No.7 “Matter of Time” – Hellyeah

Again, taking lyrics out of context and re-applying them to your needs and redirecting them to your bully boss. “Matter of Time” is a crunchy song and especially with Vinnie Paul on drums it’s not far removed from Pantera. Sure, Chad Gray is no Phil and no one can replace Dimebag, but the anger and intensity is all there. Just check out these extracted lyrics:

“Judged, by a weak little man with a pen in his hand and just doesn’t fucking get it.”

“Talk your shit, and get some balls to back it.
Plague, HELLYEAH coming with a vengeance.
Victim, by a weak little man with a gun in his hand and I don’t fucking get it.
Sick, livid and my stomach aches.
Rage, boiling over, full of hate.
Weak, worthless, spineless and we’re coming for you.”

No.6 “I Fucking Hate You” – Godsmack

I Fucking Hate You by Godsmack on Grooveshark

I wish I could say this song helped me redirect my anger toward my former bully boss, but it only fueled me to 86 his ass. No, seriously, this one slipped by me at the time. And the truth is that I haven’t bought a Godsmack album since the first one. Pretty much this whole song applies to the bully boss situation, but here are some lyrics that I particularly like:

“Don’t ever look my way
Don’t even think I’m playin’
‘Cause I fucking hate you
You’re such a liar
And I love to hate you
You’re all the same to me
When you repeatedly
Take advantage of me
The only thought I get of you sickens me
And everybody knows your fake
You’re everything I fucking hate
And I’m everything that you could never be”

How’s the list so far? Find out what the Number 1 song for you bully boss is, next…

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