Can You Find Love At A Heavy Metal Gig?

Can You Find Love At A Heavy Metal Gig?

Finding love can be a difficult endeavor – or it can be the easiest thing in the world. If the planets align correctly and fate deals you a good hand, you’ll match up with your soulmate and be swept off your feet. Or you’ll be sitting, staring into the abyss of singlehood. But where does one go to find love? Well, a study proves that there is actually a science behind finding love at a heavy metal concert.

Countless couples can recount their tales of falling in love – and, many times, this happens during a concert on an early date. What could be behind this phenomenon? Could it be the fact that they are sharing a monumental moment that has become a shared passion? Or could it be something as scientific as the sweat pheromones released? Or just the bonding of a couple of people screaming their hearts out?

According to Eventbrite, 19% of couples surveyed in the UK and Ireland found love at a gig – whether this was an initial meeting or when they solidified their dalliance into something more real. Music tastes transcend the songs and artists and actually translate more to a way of life. Sharing similar tastes in music is more likely to lead to sharing similar views and perspectives, which is conducive to finding and falling in love.

If you happen to connect with someone at a gig, you can always try to share a deeper connection by giving a taste of your own personal beats. It could potentially open the door even further in this love journey.

Music allows you to release endorphins, which opens your heart and your eyes to the possibility of falling in love. In Darwinian terms, music is a catalyst for courtship – so, listening to music can prime you for the possibility of a romantic entanglement. Like peacocks, musical tastes and matching merchandise t-shirts and hairstyles act as a way to tell a potential mate a lot about you. By being pleasing and matching your suitors’ own tastes and styles, you are more likely to meet someone worthy of falling in love with.

There are plenty of ways to meet someone, with the potential of falling in love at a heavy metal gig. Social media allows people to find one another and, if you don’t find love, you might at least find a potential new friend to enjoy the music with. Alternatively, to take advantage of the musical moment and how conducive it is to blossoming romance, you could pre-arrange to meet a potential suitor there on a dating site, such as Badoo. This will help further the romantic inklings that could find themselves creeping into the gig.

Finding love at a heavy metal gig is also more likely to make it last. Music acts as a stimulant so, by conditioning thoughts and feelings of your lover with the music you already know and love, you are more likely to feel positive feelings towards them in conjunction with those attached to the music.

Heavy metal music can do a lot for society. It can help address real socio-political issues in a way that engages a core demographic. It can provide an outlet for passion and creativity. But, most strangely, it can be one of the catalysts involved in finding love.

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