Horror movies of the 2020 – What has been released and what’s next

The horror year 2019 is one of the weakest in the past decade. Therefore, fans of the genre look hopefully at what 2020 will bring. In addition to sequels and reboots, a few interesting new ideas have been announced. But some of them have already been released. What is already known and what is coming next can be found here.


The Grudge
The reboot of one of the best Asian horror franchises of the 2000s is based on the Japanese “Ju-On” series, which started in 2000 and received its first US remake in 2004. For the reboot, producer Sam Raimi engaged Andrea Riseborough and John Cho (“Star Trek”), among others. The trailer for the new edition looks good – and indicates connections to the three films that already exist.

The crew of a deep-sea laboratory is surprised by an earthquake. And that not only left devastation on the ocean floor, but it also apparently helped a living being to get free, which was previously separate from humanity. So the survivors are not out of danger yet…

A new app calculates the lifetime that is left for interested users. For some, the counter only shows a few days or hours – and they then die cruelly. When young Quinn (Elizabeth Lail, “You – You will love me” ) learns from the app that she has only days left, she begins to investigate the phenomenon.


The Lodge
The new girlfriend of a father of two has to stay alone in a snow-covered hut with the two children because of an emergency. Little by little it turns out that children and girlfriend don’t trust each other for different reasons. Is the young woman a killer? Or do the children have a deadly hobby? The film comes from the two Austrians Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, who already drew attention with “I see, I see”.

Fantasy Island
Not a year without Blumhouse horror! This also applies to 2020. Fantasy Island was once a mostly maudlin fantasy series in which guests on the island fulfilled wishes and thereby opened their eyes to certain aspects of their lives. The horror version by director Jeff Wadlow takes up the idea, but soon turns the guests’ wishes into nightmares from which they have to escape.

Brahms: The Boy 2
The Boy of 2016 received average reviews, but still made a profit at the box office on a small budget. And so the doll is sent back into the race for the favor of horror fans. A new family moves into the house where Brahms lives. And soon the family’s son finds the porcelain doll, starting a new chapter of horror.


New Mutants
The last X-Men film from Fox is now appearing for the third time in an annual preview, and it has been postponed so many times. The story: A group of young mutants is held in a high security facility and examined. But something bad tries to catch one of the group…

The Turning
A nanny does the job of looking after two children in an old country house somewhere in Maine. But the two children are not at all what the nanny would have expected. She soon finds out that the house and its residents have some dark secrets that could cost her their lives. The film is based on Henry James’ novella “The Turning of the Screw”, one of the most famous ghost stories of the late 19th century.


Neither the distributor nor the first teaser really provides information about what this film is all about. Antebellum could be about traveling in time or dimension. But also of something completely different, so far more than speculation is not possible. That is exactly what could make the film so appealing.


Speaking of Jordan Peele! A black artist falls in love with the white daughter of a large landowner and is cruelly tortured to death by the man’s subordinates. Because this also has something to do with honey and bees, he goes down in history as a Candyman. A century later, a white student examines the urban legend of the Candyman – and comes much closer to the horror than he had expected. The remake of producer Jordan Peele brings a short story about the young Clive Barker from the “Books of Blood” back to the screen.


The Purge 5
It’s purge night again! This film, however, is supposed to come to an end with the saga of the one night in which all US citizens are allowed to commit crimes with impunity. At least in the cinema. Does the world need another Purge film?


Escape Room 2
Even if the nasty thriller could not meet all expectations, it was a highlight of 2019 especially in terms of set design. The survivors from part one should now be part of the second part of the story again, together with a few new victims. The end of the first film already offers a scenario…

Conjuring 3
Probably the most anticipated horror film of the year starts in September. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, the Warren couple, are once again on the hunt for evil. In any case, it should not become a haunted house film again. Regular director James Wan is not the one in charge this time due to schedule reasons. It is taken over by Michael Chaves, who could not really be convinced with “Llorona’s curse”.

Last Night in Soho
Actually, Edgar Wright is not necessarily a horror director, even though he often had it splattered properly in his Cornetto trilogy. After Baby Driver, this film is supposed to be a real, serious and mean psycho horror thriller.


Halloween Kills
The second part of the new trilogy was announced at lightning speed after the continuation of the original by John Carpenter. However, the film did not have anything new to give the myth.


Horror movies are a great alternative to spend a night out with your friends or on your own, they make you look at people differently. If you don’t like watching movies by yourself, you can opt for other horror-themed activities: reading a horror book, telling creepy stories with your friends or playing themed games in a UK casino. Regardless of what you’re choosing, make sure you check out the listed movies at some point after their release, who knows which one will become your new favourite.

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