Sharptooth, Are They Too Soft On Issues?

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I’m a little conflicted about what to say about this Baltimore-based band, and I’ve gestated this topic for about 24 hours. While the music is good and relatively hard (it could be a little more aggressive for a hardcore band), the lyrics are on the weak side. Of course, I’ve only looked at the lyrics of a couple of songs, “Fuck You Donald Trump” and “Clever Girl.” On the surface, there’s a lot of potential with song titles like these, but what we get is a soft attack on politics and something resembling feminism (I think).

If you don’t dive into the lyrics, you might dig Sharptooth’s debut album, Clever Girl. So, if you like punk or hardcore, check it out and yell at us for being either right or wrong in our comments section below.

Rock Hard \m/

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