Cain Velasquez Rips Jon Jones Apart For Drug Use

It’s been a while since former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez stepped inside the Octagon, but that didn’t hold him back on voicing his thoughts on recent happenings in the world of MMA.

During a media scrum in South Korea, Velasquez was asked about his opinion on a number of different MMA topics. But his thoughts about the fight between his longtime teammate Daniel Cornier and Jon Jones was most intriguing. As many of you recall, Cornier was KO’d by Jones with a third-round head kick at UFC 214, however, the result was overturned to a no contest after Jones failed a USADA drug test.

Velasquez frustrated with the outcome, unleashed a few words towards the former champ, calling Jones’ actions “f*cking bullsh*t” for competing with the anabolic steroid Turinabol in his system.

It all comes down to people being dirty. Like, our gym, me, Daniel, we don’t need extra substances to make us better. We do it by working hard. We’ve done this since we were kids. We learned how to train, and train right, and go out there and be competitive. So, if you bring steroids or just some kind of performance-enhancing drug into it — if it’s not allowed, it’s not allowed. We want everybody to be on the same page, so for him to do that, for Jon Jones to do that, that’s bullsh*t. That’s f*cking bullsh*t. Why?
Did you not want to lose to Daniel? Is that what it was? Why?

According to Velasquez, everybody in MMA should be fighting on the same playing field, without any exceptions when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs.

We want everybody on the same playing field. When we go out there, we want it to be even as far as that goes, and having it come down to training, preparation, and being able to fight. The guy that goes out there and shines on that day is the guy who’s going to win, and it’s generally from working hard and being prepared — and not from anything else.

The Mexican 245-pounder who is regarded by many to be the greatest heavyweight of all time, underwent surgery in early January but has yet to make a full recovery. A return date isn’t officially set in stone.

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