MMA Fighters Who Could Cross Over Into WWE

We know most MMA fans are focused on the upcoming Wilder vs Ortiz round 2, but we will make a trip to a world where martial arts are more a sort of entertainment than a sport. The worlds of MMA and WWE have crossed over on multiple occasions in the past, but it is becoming a whole lot common that it used to be.  

Shayna Baszler was in the UFC before swapping to WWE and coming the NXT Women’s Champion, while Ronda Rousey briefly flirted with the WWE before signing a performing contract with them. 

However, it isn’t just the women, as Brock Lesnar has enjoyed a fruitful career in both. He won the WWE title before moving into UFC and winning the heavyweight championship. He later returned to WWE for his second stint, and that has also been glittered in gold. Lesnar is due to feud in the WWE now with former heavyweight rival Cain Velasquez.  

Velasquez is the most recent cross over example, and his arrival in the WWE was a shocking turn of events. So, which MMA athletes could soon be heading into the WWE over the next couple of years? 

Quinton Jackson 

There is a lot that makes sense about the prospect of Jackson joining the WWE. He had a stint with TNA following the end to his MMA career, and he had matches in the wrestling industry against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Unfortunately, he was never able to reach his peak with TNA due to their ongoing financial troubles, and he was released. He could resurrect his career with WWE and could begin a story with either of the active former TNA stars now in WWE. 

Jackson enjoyed a stellar UFC career, which saw him win the light heavyweight title, and awarded knockout of the night on two occasions. These came in his wins over Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. He was a fierce opponent in the octagon and won 19 of his fights by knockout. His persona from the UFC would fit perfectly into WWE as a heel, and it’s one that we would like to see. 

Anderson Silva 

Another athlete that has all the tools to succeed in WWE would be Anderson Silva. Since stepping away from MMA, he has taken his acting career to a new level and is due to play the role of an assassin in the upcoming film ‘The Invisible Dragon’.  

His time in UFC was a huge success, and he won the middleweight championship on one occasion. He defended his title on ten occasions and was awarded five fight of the night accolades as well as the knockout of the night on seven occasions, which remains a UFC record. 

He has the longest UFC title reign in history and held a record of 34-10-1. Six of these defeats came in his last seven bouts, but a run in WWE would be beneficial to both. His speed would make him an instant athlete to be aware of, and he would certainly bring in the numbers in terms of PPVs. It is an option that he may consider in the future, and it could be an eye-catcher. 

Connor McGregor 

The one UFC athlete who has consistently flirted with the idea of a cameo in the WWE is the Irishman. His persona is very much like that of Ric Flair, and he already has the arrogance that is needed to cut a killer promo. McGregor looks almost certain to return to the octagon for at least one more bout, which you can bet on. But it’s unlikely that his stock will ever be low, and WWE will spend big money to get him in their ring. 

McGregor has consistently got into arguments with WWE superstars on Twitter, and has even offered to help Becky Lynch in the ring should she need it. This looks like it will happen at some stage, but when is an entirely different question.  

He would bring a mainstream appeal to the show and would ultimately make the UFC more popular by appearing at an event such as Wrestle Mania.

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