Anya Taylor-Joy On For Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu Remake

Anya Taylor-Joy

It’s been a while since we reported any news on Robert Eggers’ upcoming Nosferatu Remake, but that’s all about to change this very moment.

Nosferatu, a remake on the classic horror film inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula, is potentially moving forward with American-born Argentine-British actress. Anya Taylor-Joy, who previously played in Eggers’ well-received gothic horror, The Witch.

Fans following the genre scene will also remember Taylor-Joy from Night Shyamalan’s Split, a role she will reprise in Shyamalan’s Glass.

Anya Taylor-Joy

At the moment, Taylor-Joy is currently “negotiating” a deal to star in Eggers’ remake of Nosferatu, which is a vampire film about a town haunted by the undead Count Orlok, aka Nosferatu, who lives in a gothic castle and has a crimson-stained diet. Taylor-Joy may be running to play the role of Ellen Hutter, a character who becomes the bloodsucking obsession of Nosferatu. However, nothing is officially set in stone yet.

Werner Herzog previously made the very first homage of F.W. Murnau’s classic 1922 silent film in 1979. The art house horror film starred Klaus Kinski as Count Dracula, Isabelle Adjani as Lucy Harker, Bruno Ganz as Jonathan Harker, and French artist-writer Roland Topor as Renfield.

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