Angelica Chitwood Discusses Her New Movie, Psychos, And More On Yell!

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How much fun was it to play this character?
So fun. She’s a badass. What can I say? Ha.

Is this the type of film you’d normally watch? Do you think it helps to be a horror fan to be in one?
I’m not a huge horror fan myself, but I enjoy making them! I don’t think it matters what genre you’re creating. If you’re a real actor, none of it matters. You’re just making the moment reality, whatever that moment may be.

How important are reviews to you? Do you Google for them?
Honestly, I could care less. I trust my own opinions over anyone else’s. I know when something is crap and when something is gold.

When can we see the film? It’s out now, right?
It’s out now on Amazon VOD, and it will be on iTunes April 7th!

Anything else coming up this year?
I’m currently writing my new Soul album. I’ll be getting in the studio over the next few months to record it, and I’m shooting for an October 2017 release. I have a few small films coming up, and I’m still enjoying the release of my other latest film All Out Dysfuntion.

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Keep up with Angelica through her social media accounts:

Twitter: @AngelicaC_
IG/Facebook: @angelicachitwood

Rock Hard \m/

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