UFC Invested By Many Hollywood Celebrities

A-List celebrities invest in the UFC

Besides being purchased for a very large sum of money in July, over 4 billion to be precise, it now appears like the WME-IMG owned UFC promotion has a host of new Hollywood celebrity investors such as Ben Affleck and Serena Venus Williams, to name a small few. And it goes on! For the complete list of A-list investors, then continue reading below.

In addition, Conan O’Brien announced on Thursday that he had also invested in the UFC, listing other a big chunk of celebrity names who have done the same as him. I would have never guessed Michael Bay would have been one of them.

As the UFC continues to grow its mainstream audience, expect the list of investors to increase over time.

A-list Celebrity Investors

– Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye
– Adam Levine
– Anthony Kiedis
– Ben Affleck
– Calvin Harris
– Cam Newton
– Conan O’Brien
– Flea
– Guy Fieri
– Jimmy Kimmel
– Li Na
– Maria Sharapova
– Mark Wahlberg
– Michael Bay
– Rob Dyrdek
– Robert Kraft
– Serena Williams
– Sylvester Stallone
– Tom Brady
– Trey Parker
– Tyler Perry
– Venus Williams

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