Watch Two Clips From Scream Factory’s Psycho IV: The Beginning Blu-ray [VIDEO]

In less than a day, Scream Factory is releasing the Blu-ray edition of Psycho IV: The Beginning on August 23rd. A prequel to the classic Hitchcock 1960 thriller, Psycho.

Directed by Mick Garris, the film also take places several years after Psycho III when Norman Bates is released from the mental hospital after being judged rehabilitated again. Norman is now married to a young psychiatrist named Connie and is expecting a child. However, he secretly fears that his child will inherit his mental illness, so he tries to seek closure once and for all.

The Blu-ray edition from Scream Factory will feature new extras including audio commentary with the director, actor Henry Thomas and actress Olivia Hussey, and an interview with make-up effects artist Tony Gardner.

Check out the HD clips on this page for an early look from the Blu-ray.

Bonus Clip: Dead Bodies (HD)

Special Features

– NEW Audio Commentary with director Mick Garris, actors Henry Thomas and Olivia Hussey
– NEW The Making of Mother – an interview with make-up effects artist Tony Gardner (27 minutes)
– Rare Behind-the-Scenes footage from director Mick Garris
– Photo Gallery of rare photo from Mick Garris

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