Watch Three New Blu-ray Clips From Carnage Park [VIDEO]

Carnage Park

It’s Sunday, which means most of you are probably going to watch horror films until Halloween. If you are plan on extending your horror viewing for an extra day or two, then we have the right flick for you.

On Tuesday, Scream Factory is releasing Carnage Park on Blu-ray and DVD. A film labeled as “A brutal masterpiece of tension and terror” directed by Mickey Keating starring Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism). Carnage Park takes viewers on a grindhouse thrill ride which jumps between past and present to pieces together the puzzle of a shocking crime.

It’s 1978 and a bank robbery gone wrong forces two criminals to take a hostage – the young-but-resilient Vivian – as they go on the run. But things go from bad to off-the-rails berserk when Vivian and her captors wind up in the crosshairs of a deranged ex-military sniper, who ensnares them in his deadly game of cat and mouse.

For an early look at the highly-anticipated Blu-ray release, you can check out three new HD clips from the film right below, courtesy of Scream Factory.

Check them out and Happy Halloween!

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