Lunglust, Repetition Is Hell (2016) Album Review



Artist Lunglust Album Repetition Is Hell Release Date: 04 March 2016
Label Tor Johnson Records Genre Hardcore

In a short summary, Repetition Is Hell sounds like what some dark, ritualistic individual should be listening to while embalming a body and then igniting it. Like a heavy oil, Lunglust possess spark in their songs made possible by bombastic drum patterns clashing with heavy-as-hell guitars. The guitars sound like they are coming from a grave with tar outlining the top. Everything is sludge-friendly but includes room for discordant melodies.

Lunglust possess all of the characteristics of crusty d-beat metal, and rightfully so they blast it. Taking off immediately is “Sovereign Ends,” which sounds at first like something is being held back; there’s a tension in the song between the booming guitars and the space the vocals reside in. All of the tension bursts when the pacing becomes more frantic instead of resolving in a structured assault. “Broken Idol” is a flurry of destruction crashing through discordant melodies and gurgled growls. Lunglust are capable of being both erratic and compressed, showcased by the excellent pacing of the record.

Keeping a song structure together over three minutes in no-hold-barred punk can be a bit difficult, but Lunglust prove a few times that they have no real issue with this. “Arrows” clocks in at five and a half minutes, signaling through crushing riffs and an odd bit of atmosphere. Around the two-minute mark the song transforms into an elegant groove with Jeffrey Sykes forcing every bit of his voice into his screams. It’s masterfully done and the song continues it’s aggravated tone through a filthy chug at the end.

“Silver Tongues” has a bit of a grungy bend to it that lashes through the best breakdowns on the record. Out of nowhere comes the melodious “American Debt,” which resonates through pulverizing chord progressions and an eerie lead. The song sadly runs away from this, I would have loved to hear if Lunglust could continue their audibly heavy presence in the ambiance.

The Verdict:

As straightforward as Repetition Is Hell can be, the Boston hardcore outfit makes sure everything is still catchy and worth listening to. Lunglust are here and ready to fulfill your heaviest dreams.

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