Interview: Pandie Suicide, Inspired By Blood & Nightmares For Her New Short Film, Massacre

massacre - pandie suicide

massacre - A Bloody Horror Short

“It completely came to me in a dream,” says Pandie Suicide about the origins of her new short film, Massacre. Considering the bloody mess that the short film is, we might just take the tourist route through Pandie’s brain… then again, tourists in horror movies have ended up in some pretty precarious situations. So, we’ll just play it safe and stick to our interview with the young ingénue actress, writer, producer, and model.

Pandie was kind enough to give us candid answers to our set of questions, most of which lead to a better understanding of her film, if not her demented mind. Find out more about the film, its cast and crew, its inspiration, its awards, where it’s going, and much more in our exclusive interview.

Your short film, Massacre, had its premiere last month. Tell us about the event, the film’s reception, and how you were feeling before, during, and after.
We had the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of Massacre on September 17th, at Busbys East. It was a great event; we showed Massacre along with a couple of other films in different genres. We had a great turn out and my two star composers, Jeordie White and Rob Patterson, showed up, which was amazing, as well as some of our film’s stars: Jeff Hilliard, Katey Foley, and more. We also had actor Bryan Rubio attending; watch out for him he’s going to be big, he just starred in the upcoming film Low Riders, starring Theo Rossi and Eva Mendez. We also had James Cullen Bressack, the director of the horror flick Pernicious there, with actors Jonathan Lipnicki and Josh Brown. It was a mildly terrifying experience for me to watch my film on the big screen with an audience for the first time, but I think it went well! The audience seemed to like it and some of them even stuck around for the Q&A afterward!


Where is Massacre going from here? And what happens and/or how can people see it once the festival run is completed?
Next, Massacre will be appearing at the Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival later this month and some other yet to be announced festival/screening dates. After it’s finished with its festival run we would like to have a digital release. We’re looking at a few options but personally I would love to see Massacre on a curated horror-specific streaming service like Shudder, as I really like what they’re doing over there and feel their audience and the audience of Massacre could be one and the same. Another broader digital streaming service like Hulu or Netflix would be great too, but as I said, we’re still looking at things so I’ll let you know when Massacre is ready for its big online debut!

We’ve brought our readers news about Massacre a few times, but for those who still aren’t aware, can you give a brief description of the short?
Massacre is the story of Marianne James, a girl who wakes up at the site of a bloody mass murder and can’t remember what happened. It’s very bloody! I play the role of Marianne James and also wrote and produced the film with Erik Boccio directing, Damian Lea producing, Evan Pesses on cinematography, and starring Billy Morrison, London May, Jeordie White, Jeff Hilliard, Rob Patterson and Katey Foley. Jeordie and Rob also co-wrote the score for the film and artist Shannon Crawford contributed a country song to the soundtrack, which is otherwise pretty heavy. The film actually picked up an award at its debut screening at the Fantasmagorical Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, in August for the soundtrack that Rob and Jeordie came up with, which was amazing. It was also nominated for Best Short at the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis in September, which London May was in attendance at, and next it’s going to be playing at the Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest October 22-28, as I mentioned before, which we are all really excited about!

Learn more about Massacre‘s cast and Pandie Suicide’s horror history after the jump…

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