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Alone in a world gone silent, the last human struggles with the difference between surviving and staying alive.

We all like stories about the end of the world, and looking for your help is this short film about the last man on Earth struggling with himself and his own mind.

Dead Quiet Synopsis:

A year ago, the world fell silent. Most of humanity has been exterminated, their bodies and minds taken over as they hunt down the last survivors. The sounds of a misplaced step, opening a door too quickly, a gasp of fear; any noise will get you killed… or worse.

Our lone survivor Paul has learned to get by in this new world. To eat, to sleep, and to move in absolute silence. But facing up to the solitary and hopeless future that awaits him and deprived of human connection, he sets the stage for one last-ditch effort to regain his own humanity.

Now, go to Dead Quiet‘s Kickstarter page and watch the pitch video.

If Dead Quiet sounds like something you want to see, then head on over to the team’s Kickstarter page and help them out… and check out the rewards for your contribution.

In its post-apocalyptic setting, Dead Quiet, the story from writer Dan McGrath (who misuses the word “literally” in the pitch video), explores the importance of the sounds we create and experience as humans in order to connect with one another and the world around us.

dead quiet dan mcgrathFrom what he says, he actually climbed some summit to where the air is thin and picked the story of Dead Quiet out of the air… because, you know, it was just floating there.

Now director Alex Withers and a team of talented filmmakers are bringing this unique world of vibrant characters, heartbreaking tragedy, endearing humour, and existential terror to life on the big screen. Following months of hard work, the team is thrilled to be almost ready to shoot, but first they need your help…

Alex commented on the story:

For me, Dead Quiet is both a disturbing horror and a bittersweet drama about human connection… and the way in which this idea lies at the heart of what makes us ourselves. I love this story’s ability to highlight the fragile nature of mental health, without ever preaching to its audience.

Alongside Alex we have cinematographer Karl Poyzer who has experience shooting commercials, short films, and feature films all over the world with the likes of James Nesbit, Jaguar Land Rover, Amazon, Cadburys, and more.

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The film focuses heavily on sound design, rethinking the approach films take to both recording and using sound in ways that are truly innovative and pushing the boundaries of the discipline. Sound designer Susan Pennington works at Spool Post Production and list This Is England among her many impressive credits.

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