Travis Browne’s Wife Moving Forward With Charges Following UFC Investigation

Renee Webb

On Friday night, the UFC re-instated Travis Browne following an independent investigation into the “domestic abuse” allegations made last month by his estranged wife, Renee Webb. According to a UFC statement, the MMA promotion found “inconclusive evidence” to support her allegations.

Shortly after the UFC statement was announced, Webb spoke with Women’s MMA’s Sydnie Jones and said that she is “baffled” by the UFC’s conclusion and has no choice but to go forward with her evidence and press charges against Browne in the state of California.

She said,

I told them the truth, I gave them photos, I gave them a dated and detailed journal, and how they came up with those results is beyond belief. The investigator got this info and helped the UFC come to this conclusion. My family and I are totally baffled. It just shows what an abused person from a close family in Florida faces when they go up against an ex-FBI investigator, Campbell & Williams, and the UFC. They have more money than we do. They appear to be the winners. We believe that in the end truth prevails.

At the present time, I feel that the truth hasn’t come out and I have no other option than to press charges with the same evidence that was provided, and we’ll let the state of California decide whether I suffered from domestic violence.

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