New Music: W.A.S.P. Releases “Last Runaway”

w.a.s.p. - golgotha - album cover

w.a.s.p. - golgotha - album cover

Well, if this isn’t a funny coincidence, I don’t know what is. I’ve been obsessing about W.A.S.P. for the past few weeks, going back and listening to their entire catalog. And just now, as I was listening to their live 1985 show at Irvine Meadows (see the player below), this e-mail comes in about the band’s first single from their upcoming album, Golgotha (October 9th). Now what you need to do is head on over to Ultimate Classic Rock to hear the new tune, “Last Runaway.”

It’s full of classic sounds with a wicked guitar solo and catchy hooks, and Blackie Lawless has made the following statement about the track:

Forty years ago, I came to Hollywood as a teenager. Terrified and scared out of my mind, I had no idea what waited there for me. The song ‘Last Runaway’ is an intensely personal account of what happened to me, not only then but over the years and the success that followed after. Be it a kid looking for success in the music business or any life-challenging endeavor that someone would ‘Runaway’ from in life, I’m certain that everyone can relate to this story one way or another. It’s another kid ‘chasing the dream’… and trying to survive it in the process… we’ve all been there!!

Golgotha is available for pre-order from the Napalm Records Webstore in North America here and Europe here.

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