W.A.S.P. Has A New Lyric Video, “Scream”

W.A.S.P. will release their 15th studio album, Golgotha, on October 2nd, and we’ve already brought you the lead single from the album, “Last Runaway,” which tells the story of frontman Blackie Lawless’ coming to Hollywood. Today, we got a new W.A.S.P. track, as well as the cool animated lyric video, for you to sink your teeth into! “Scream” is an exceptional and rocking jam that shows that W.A.S.P. hasn’t missed a step in their long and storied history. It sounds as good as anything the band produced at its height, circa The Crimson Idol.

Lawless previously stated about the making of Golgotha:

The rehearsals for this album started in the spring of 2011. A lot of time was spent just talking about the direction of the songs and really trying to turn the songs inside out to see exactly where they wanted to go. One thing you learn over the years in the songwriting process is that after the songs begin to take shape, they will eventually start to talk back to you and they will tell you where they wanna go. The trick is learning to listen when they speak. This process of writing and arranging and the demos went on for several months before we even began to record the album for real.

Pre-order Golgotha here.

Golgotha Track Listing:

1. Scream
2. Last Runaway
3. Shotgun
4. Miss You
5. Fallen Under
6. Slaves of the New World Order
7. Eyes of My Maker
8. Hero of the World
9. Golgotha

Rock Hard \m/

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