Mutoid Man – Bleeder (2015) Album Review



Artist Mutoid Man Album Bleeder Release Date: 30 June 2015
Label Sargent House Genre Hardcore

Taking a genre as vast as hardcore and taking it in a new direction is one thing, but adding a breath of fresh air to the whole scene is just as difficult. Mutoid Man is the master combination of how to write huge hooks within a prison of chaos that all the members played in the past (Converge, Cave In). Bleeder is the debut album that provides alternative rock with a thrilling 30 minutes that is not to be missed by anyone who likes music.

The opening track, “Bridgeburner,” gives just a small taste of how big the riffs will be, instead showing off how bassist Nick Cageao fattens the sound of his instrument with extreme fuzz and killer grooves. As the song closes, drummer Ben Koller makes sure his presence is known with blastbeats accenting the closing riff. “Dead Dreams” is a chuggy prog song that adds an element of stoner vibes with overtones giving off a feeling of impending doom. Stephen Brodsky (vocals, guitar) takes his voice to harsh screams to give the song an extra ominous presence at the end. “Surveillance” is one of the heavier tracks sonically, spastically spewing sludgy riffs and octave driven grooves, all in under two minute’s time. Brodksy’s quick transition from guttural growls to a primal scream adds to the frantic nature.

Being heavy is not the only way Mutoid Man shines on this record. Lead single “1000 Mile Stare” features bluesy rock-and-roll riffs traveling up and down guitar scales with Cageao’s bass never falling behind. Dynamically, the bass and guitar bounce their riffs off each other and feed on each other. The song takes a turn midway through, sounding like it could be found on a Converge record until Brodsky’s blistering guitar solo. “Beast” is what happens when sludge forms on the guitar and produces grimy guitar licks with bombastic drumming.

The closing track, “Bleeder,” starts off with a more introspective feel with clean and crisp guitar notes shining across an eerie bass groove. As the song expands, its sound dives into heavier territory as Brodsky releases venomous and shrill vocals that are destined to leave the listener floored at the incredible range. Dynamically the song differs in the amount of build up.

The Verdict:

Move over arena alternative rock bands, Mutoid Man offers nothing but fiery guitar licks with a vast majority of influences to include in their repertoire of talent. Bleeder is an incredible album full of diverse tracks that prove being heavy does not need breakdowns. Instead, just the right amount of tenacity and chaos are fused together with vivacious passion to make one of the best albums to be released during the first half of 2015.

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