UFC Fighters React To New Reebok Pay Scale

Reebok Deal UFC

Earlier this week, UFC fighters finally learned how much income they will generate under the new UFC uniform deal with Reebok. After a quick glance on Twitter, the reaction to the Reebok pay scale isn’t all that positive. In fact, some believe they make more money under the old UFC sponsorship format, which allowed fighters to brand more than one sponsor per fight inside the Octagon.

If you missed the new Reebok payout structure, here is how it officially works by our understanding. UFC fighters who have between one and five fights within the octagon will make only $2,500 per fight. Fighters with six to ten UFC bouts will make $5,000 while fighters with eleven to fifteen will make $10,000.

Veterans who have been fighting under the Zuffa banner for a number of years with 16 to 20 fights will earn $15,000 and those with twenty-one and higher will get $20,000 per fight. Contenders fighting for the belt will earn $30,000 and the champion will earn the highest payout of $40,000.

Below are some reactions to the new Reebok sponsorship structure. Check it out!

UFC Fighters React To Reebok Pay Scale:

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