Very Impressive! Lunatic Player Finishes Bloodborne With Rock Band Controller

For those of you who’ve played the new PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, you know it’s a challenging action RPG, even when you’re playing at your peak performance. So, imagine finishing Bloodborne with a slight disadvantage, like using a guitar controller throughout the entire insanity. It’s an idea that is completely insane and frustrating, in my opinion. But it looks like a player named Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin recently accomplished this challenge and completed Bloodborne using a Rock Band controller.

I used a ‘Titan One’ to use my Xbox 360 Rock Band 1 guitar on a PS4 and remap the controls. There are a couple issues with PS4 support but overall I was very impressed with it!

Gwin archived his full Bloodborne experience with a guitar controller on his Twitch channel. You can watch each clip at your convenience, or skip to the most difficult battles in the game in the video right above.

This is a hectic boss fight and one of the ones that is harder with poor movement/camera controls. Choked several times on this one, said Gwin.

Are you up for the same challenge? Let us know what you think in comments section below.

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