Black Sails, Season 2 – “XV”

black sails - xv

black sails - xv

Episode “XV” of Black Sails really slowed down. Surprisingly, there was no blood shed, even though you might have expected some chaos in a few scenes. But for this review, I’m going to talk mainly about the “sole mission” of Captain Flint, who has had this goal since Season 1, Episode “I.” The goal here being the Urca gold. Because of this goal, he’s lost several crew members that were ideal for the series and has also deceived just about everyone. Enter Long John Silver and the story twists even more. Silver is very good at manipulating just about everyone, and he’s done that with just about every member of Flint’s crew.

Now, Silver has basically been using Flint so he can get his hands on the Urca gold as well. Flint and Silver sent a few men to the island where the Urca gold is, hoping to find out what kind of security will hinder their retrieval of the gold. Low and behold, the men left, came back, and told Silver that it was basically sitting there unguarded, free of enemy hands. Silver comes up with quite an interesting plot and tells Flint that the gold is no longer there. So with all this, we now have an understanding of just how sneaky and untrustworthy Silver really is.

Now lets talk about Billy Bones and his relationship with Captain Flint. As we learned last week, Billy Bones has been given a pardon by the Royal Navy/British Fleet, provided that he brings in Flint for his crimes. Now this leaves us with an interesting debacle. Will Bones do this? It almost makes you wonder because we as an audience suspect that Flint threw Bones off the ship last season. DuFresne and Billy Bones end up meeting with each other to determine which nine men will turn their backs on Flint and bring him in. Nobody expected Billy Bones to manipulate DuFresne, who Billy basically exiled from the ship without Flint being involved.

Billy Bones confronts Flint and tells him what just happened, which leads to a discussion about what has happened in the past and what they should do about it now. Meaning, whether or not Flint tried to kill Billy Bones and whether or not Billy actually thinks he was pushed or if he just fall. It’s quite interesting but we see that both men are willing to work with each other. Billy Bones tells Flint that he will work with him to see that his mission is accomplished but will be quick to turn on him if Flint gives him any reason.

With these two main items of concern, what do you think will be the outcome of it all? I can see Silver being caught by Flint and his crew or Billy Bones figuring it out. Either way it should make for a messy situation later on in the season.

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