Black Sails, Season 2 – “XIV”

black sails - xiv

black sails - xiv

So I’ve been leaving out some info in my reviews since we started writing about Black Sails. I felt that it was important because I can’t spoil the whole plot of the pirate series, but now I must fill you in on some important key facts. Captain Flint is after the Urca gold. This long-going mission has been the reasoning behind most of the events of this series. With that being said, I shall continue the review.

This weekend’s episode started off with a bang. Actually, it was more of a struggle. Last week the episode ended with Vane attacking Flint with a knife. Continuing the fight into this episode didn’t last long until Guthrie got involved.

This is where things get really interesting. Even though Flint and Vane are furious with each other, this is a moment in which they need to forget about their past and look to their bright pirate future. Flint tells Guthrie that her father, Richard, needs to hear what he has to say. And as well, Miss Barlow joins in on the meeting. Flint tells Vane that he needs to give Abigail Ashe to him. Flint knows that if he can bring Abigail back to her father, that it’ll bring peace to Nassau and everything a pirate stands for. Here’s the deal though, Flint tells Vane that he can keep the fort, but he has to give up Abigail. Flint also mentions that he knows Peter Ashe, Abigail’s father, very well. After all was said and done, Vane didn’t seem too thrilled about the whole situation. He’s in it for the money. So, he basically storms off, refusing to reason with Flint, knowing that he has to give up Abigail to Flint.

Now we really don’t know what happened, or if Guthrie is just fucking with Flint, but she tells him that Vane has agreed to the terms. Now it’s difficult to say, but I believe that Guthrie is doing what is best for her, even if she has to go behind Flint or Vane’s back. As long as she has what she wants, right?

Now an interesting scene occurs, and it’s when Billy Bones suddenly confronts his old crew. They’re all shocked that he’s still alive, even Dufresne who believes that Flint threw him overboard. There’s not much that happens from here other than Flint meeting him again by accident when he comes to meet with his shipmates. Flint seems kind of shocked at the moment, wondering what he should do. He walks up to Billy Bones and gives him a hug. For a second I was expecting a handshake or something more simple. So far at this moment, nothing is mentioned as to whether or not Flint tried to kill Billy Bones.

Another interesting, yet different plot line is that Rackham now has his own ship. He ends up coming up against another ship that somehow knows that he’s a new captain. So respectfully, this random Captain Bryson (Langley Kirkwood of the 2012 film, Dredd) explains the three ways that an outcome can be decided. Rackham chooses the less bloody one, but ends up killing Bryson anyways in a fight that was very sloppy and pathetic.

One last thing before I leave this review, this was the first episode this season that didn’t have any flashbacks from Flint’s past. I honestly enjoyed it more because we already have enough back story as to why Flint is who is right now. And like previous reviews, I left out some info but that’s for you to find out. Some things are important, and some are just fillers. But all in all, it makes for a kick-ass series. Stay tuned to next Saturday @ 9 p.m. on Starz.

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