Black Sails, Season 2 – “XII” And “XIII”

black sails xiii

black sails xiii

So I’ll keep this one short and sweet since I couldn’t get to my Black Sails review last week. To give you a little insight as to what episode “XII” was about, we saw the return of Billy Bones. If you remember him from the end of Season 1, he was either thrown off the Walrus by Flint or he fell off. We don’t know exactly what happened just yet, but we will, obviously. We do know, however, that Billy is still recovering from being lost at sea and he’s in no condition to confront Flint or his crew. Also, Vane has the “prize” locked up in a cell that I’m assuming is somewhere underneath the fort. And Flint learned who Abigail Ashe is, which was a key part in a past cut scene when Flint meets her father.

Also we know that Flint plans to attack the fort at Nassau. Captain Vane is basically screwed because Flint is not within cannon range of the fort, but Flint doesn’t have to worry about range because he has his Spanish warship and can hit the fort easily. Flint makes his way to shore to confront Guthrie about her siding with Vane, and he’s basically furious about it. I’m going to leave out some other info, just because these are the main things we should be worried about right now. I lied, at the very end of the episode, Captain Hornigold asked Flint what he was going to do after he learned of some of Vane and Guthrie’s motives, and “fire” was the response.

Moving on to episode “XIII,” we start off with a rather raunchy scene between Max, Anne, and Rackham. That’s Starz for you. Anyways, we hear cannon fire and dust falls on them during their threesome. Cut scene to the fort being demolished by Flint and his crew from their warship; you see people screaming and debris flying everywhere. This whole time Vane has been hiding under the fort with some of his men and Abigail Ashe. Now, the attack has stopped at this point, but Vane knows that Flint will soon storm the fort and it’ll be over. Vane states, the only way to stop this monster is to cut off its head. We know Vane is perfectly capable of that because Ned Low suffered that very same fate.

Now let’s cut to John Silver and Billy Bones. They’re currently discussing past events. Billy Bones tells Silver that Flint did indeed push him off the Walrus, thus we learn that Flint did attempt another murder. Billy says he’s going to talk to his fellow crew members, but he can’t because he’s chained to a post. Silver says he can’t let Billy go because he doesn’t know exactly what Billy will say to the crew. He has to be safe about this because all lives will be on the line otherwise. After some discussion, Silver does let Billy go, and that’s all we see of him for this episode.

Now to close out this review, Barlow confronts Flint. She says that if he wants to live, he must go with her. This is where we learn about a rather intimate relationship. No, it wasn’t with Barlow. You’re wondering who I’m going to talk about, aren’t you? Well, lets cut back to the friendship with Thomas Hamilton. Hamilton and Flint were talking about pardoning the pirates. But this doesn’t sit well with Hamilton’s father. Hamilton learns of Flint’s affair with Barlow, his wife. Flint is discharged from the Royal Navy and is ordered to leave with Barlow that very night. Thus, we learn that this whole time, Flint is on a mission to fulfill what Hamilton had wanted. But we also learn something rather interesting, and yes it even caught me off guard. Flint and Hamilton are lovers. Now we really need to see what happens next week, especially since the show ended with Vane attacking Flint from behind. We’ll see next Saturday at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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