Interview: Wovenwar Declares War With Huge Melodies And Deep Grooves [VIDEO]

Fans know, but there’s probably some segment of the heavy metal community that doesn’t know that Wovenwar was born from the dramatic ashes of As I Lay Dying (AILD). The band, which released its self-titled debut in August 2014, also features Oh, Sleeper’s Shane Blay up front on vocals.

If you haven’t heard the new album yet, you really should go check it out, whether you’re a fans of these guys’ previous bands or not. Truth be told, Wovenwar is vastly different from AILD. It’s not a pummeling of heavy and there are no screams. In fact, as I said in my review last year, it’s far more melodic and hard rock oriented. And there’s so much more groove for you to get lost in. All in all, it’s a fantastic effort.

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On their recent stop in Montreal, we had the chance to sit down with Blay and drummer, Jordan Mancino, and these guys are about as friendly and inviting as they come. Upon entering their tour van (a rather luxurious van) we were welcomed with shots of whiskey, because Blay loves the stuff, from the bottle. As soon as we had taken our swigs, Blay humorously welcomed us to the world of mono, and from that the tone of the interview was set.

If you’re looking for dirt or a backstory to the drama of which we won’t speak of, fuck off! We weren’t there for that. We wanted to know more about this awesome new band that has a huge future in front of it.

We did, however, talk about starting over and being “demoted” from tour bus to van. We also covered a whole lot more. Watch the video interview in the player above!

Rock Hard \m/

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