Black Sails, Season 2 – “XI”

black sails xi

black sails xi

Remember last week, when I said that Ned Low was someone whom we shouldn’t mess with? Well, I spoke a little too soon… and I take it back. It seems that many others thought he posed a major threat. And as it were, he had to go and piss off Captain Vane, which cost him his head. That’s right, Ned Low will no longer be joining us for the rest of the series. Apparently, Captain Vane has a deep relationship with Guthrie and Low had crossed that line.

Ned Low had come to Vane in a sign of respect, asking him not to interfere with what he was trying to accomplish with Guthrie. Previously, Guthrie denied the purchase of Low’s pilfered goods from episode “IX.” Low also tried to sleep with Guthrie and even stooped as low as insisting she do it for money. It also didn’t help that Low shoved his sword through one of her mate’s throat.

Now, Vane was curious as to why Low was so intent on selling to Guthrie and causing such a ruckus. Vane went to Max because a lot of Low’s crew members had been spending money at her brothel. And of course, when men are spilling out their feelings to these women of the night, they tend to talk a little too much. Max tells Vane that Low had claimed a “special” and valuable prize earlier in the season. So, Vane comes up with a plan that really throws us all off. He takes a fishing boat to Low’s ship, alone, or so we thought, and makes a proposal to Low that gets immediately shot down. Vane tells Low that he will give up his ship, his weapons, his cargo…. and give him a head start. And that leads to the first part of the review up above.

Now lets go back to Captain Flint for a little bit. Flint has just arrived at Nassau, where he and his crew have learned that things aren’t the way they used to be. He learns that Guthrie and Vane have a special affair, which ultimately was a knife in Flint’s back, figuratively speaking. There are also a few flashbacks of Flint when he was slightly younger, back when he was Royal Navy, again. His affair with Barlow was just beginning, and I’m sure there will be more flashbacks because we still need to understand his motives for becoming a pirate. Unfortunately, it seems like the affair with Barlow is over in the present.

Now there are some tid bits that I have left out, but that’s OK. You’re going to want to watch this one. And in my opinion, it was one of the better ones so far in the series. And I’ll leave you with this one thought before I close this out… How do you think the outcome will be if Vane doesn’t surrender Hornigold’s tower?

“Nassau was unable to resist him, but we have yet to have our say. So, at sunrise tomorrow we make our terms clear, with no room for bargain or compromise. Charles Vane and the animals he commands have until sunrise tomorrow to vacate that fort or so help me God, I will rain holy hell down upon him.” – Captain Flint

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