Black Sails, Season 2 – “X”



Last week’s episode of Black Sails brought you what was most likely the best episode of the last 10. If there’s one specific quality in being a pirate, it’s leadership — and that was exactly the theme of “X.” Despite Flint not being the captain of his recently acquired Spanish warship, his leadership roles are still on top. Captain Dufresne had to assume leadership duties after Captain Flint was accused of murdering a few of his crew members who got in the way of his personal agenda, and just like in life, sometimes you have to get rid of friends.

Captain Dufresne has been trying to prove that he’s the Captain and that he will lead his crew proudly. Only problem with that is he completely bitched out on sinking a ship when he had the chance. And that brings us back to Captain Flint. When you lose half your men because your authority lacks balls and you hesitate, it leads to failure. Flint steps in and orders the crew to sink the ship. They oblige because they know he’s worthy leadership.

There were also a few more cutscenes of Flint back in the day conversing with Thomas Hamilton and others, which most likely led up to a good reason for turning pirate. There’s still little known about the younger Flint, but we do know that he was of the Royal Navy Fleet and he had this fascination with pirates and hangings. Although, it’s obvious that something must have clicked in his skull for him to make the transition.

Now, I mentioned Ned Low last week. Low is a recent addition to the pirate world, and this week was rather gory because of him. Let’s just say that it’s not a good idea to whine, bitch, and complain if you’re a member of Low’s crew. It’ll cost you your head, literally. Ask his former Quartermaster. Also things seem to be brewing between Captain Vane and Guthrie, so we can only imagine what’s going to be happening this Saturday.

Now, I’ll leave you with a question: Do you think that Flint will reclaim his Captain status? And what’s to come when he does return to Nassau and has to deal with Ned Low and Captain Vane? This is definitely turning into a very interesting season.

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